Vacation Activities
In And Around Englewood

Vacation activities abound in the immediate vicinity around Englewood. Despite its relatively small size, Englewood offers many of the amenities of the larger vacation destinations.

Take a Cruise: Sarasota, St. Pete’s or Tampa… just a short drive

And not just any old cruise… take a scenic, relaxing tour on crystal shining waters in a luxury yacht.

Dine on great food while you listen to live music.

Eat on deck or in a gorgeous dining room.

Enjoy a drink on the deck as your captain points out the interesting points along the cruise.

You can dance your way through your trip in the warm evening breezes or have a midday interlude and dance with lunch.

Get your friends together for a little midday party.

Choose which cruise suits you the best.


Old Englewood, Florida

Old Englewood Offers Quaint Shopping

Just north of Englewood is Venice, which provides their own pleasant shopping experience. Similar to Old Englewood but has its own charming collection of shops and distinctive restaurants.

Theaters, Museums & Galleries

  • A friend of ours is an active supporter of the Englewood Community Theater (Lemon Bay Playhouse).
  • The Englewood Art Center offers a wide spectrum of interesting activities covering a broad range of artistic endeavors.

Every once in a while, we take trips beyond the area. These trips are usually focused around a visit to a theme park or to attend a sporting event.

I have listed below some links to pages describing some of these mini-vacations.

Please remember that this site is always a work in progress. As we discover more great things to do in the Englewood area, and beyond, these discoveries will appear here as well, helping you to Enjoy Englewood Florida!

What To Do In Englewood:

Theme Parks & Other Day Trips

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