Stump Pass Grille & Tiki Bar

The Stump Pass Grille & Tiki Bar is located at the Stump Pass Marina on Lemon Bay. We had been told that the food was excellent and the prices were very reasonable. And, it was a waterfront restaurant. These were all good reasons to try out this Englewood Florida eatery. But there was more. We were really intrigued by the fact that it was also “pet friendly”.

Stump Pass Grille

Because we always travel with our little Bichon Boogie, leaving him while we go out to eat is often problematic. Consequently, when we heard that dogs were always welcome at the Stump Pass Grille & Tiki Bar we were only too eager to give it a try.

So when we headed off to eat this time we had our little dog with us. We often take him with us and leave him in the car (temperature permitting). But when we arrived at our dining destination that evening when we fastened his leash and took him from the car he was excited to say the least.

As the hostess seated us, we could not help but notice several other dogs sitting with their families at various tables. But the surprises kept coming. When our server brought our drinks, she also brought our little pet a silver dog bowl brimming with water!

The menu at the Stump Pass Grille and Tiki Bar consists of various entrees that I would consider “pub fare”. But that does not mean that there was a limited selection.

To start, we ordered something we had never tried before, Conch Fritters. On the menu this entrée was actually called “Fisher’s Fritters” which consisted of 5 Conch Fritters served with Mango Chutney. It was delicious!

While we waited for food to arrive we enjoyed our surroundings. It is a waterfront restaurant and that meant a great Gulf Coast sunset and plenty of waterfowl to entertain us. About 25 to 30 feet from our table several pelicans were splashing and swimming in the water much to everyone’s delight.

Stump Pass Grille pelicans

The building itself has rather unique origins. A few days later, while enjoying a dolphin and sunset cruise we were told that the Tiki Bar was designed to reflect the architecture Florida’s native people the Seminoles. In fact, we learned that it had actually been designed and constructed by a Seminole!

After a glorious sunset and a very good dinner we headed home.

The Stump Pass Grille & Tiki Bar another great reason why we Enjoy Englewood Florida.

PS Don’t forget to take your dog!

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