A Day Trip to Sarasota

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A Short Distance to Sarasota

Sarasota is a great place to spend a day away from your vacation or retirement home in Englewood. This interesting city is located only a brief 41 minute drive from Englewood. (My father-in-law used to say that if it took you longer than half an hour, “You must be walking!”)

Although there always seems to be lots to do in Englewood, it is also fun to visit some of the many other interesting Florida gulf coast communities that are located within a short distance to our very favorite place in the Florida sunshine.

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The largest of Englewood’s neighboring communities is nearby Sarasota. Its close proximity makes it seem like a natural choice for anyone who lives or vacations in Englewood. After all, if you fly to Florida to start your vacation or spend retirement time in many of the Florida Gulf Coast communities, you will most likely arrive in the Sunshine State at Sarasota International Airport.

Things to do

After leaving the airport, you will probably proceed southward along Hwy 41 right through the heart of the city. The mix of modern buildings, stately older structures, palm trees, and the occasional glimpses of the deep blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico provide an interesting and diverse picture of this beautiful city.

The Sarasota area has many attractions to tempt the interests of almost everyone. And, because there are so many Florida entertainment venues, it will certainly cause you to come again and again as you can not experience everything in one day.

Selby Library

One of my favorite destinations is the Selby Library. This modern building stands like a beacon to the arts and culture of the community, and in fact, the entire Gulf Coast, in the downtown core. The Selby Library is more than a book repository; it is also the focal point for many cultural events.

Ringling Brothers Museum

A sure thing to excite the grandchildren, and for that matter, children of all ages, the Ringling Brothers Museum is a great way to spend time in Sarasota Florida.

Golf In Sarasota

Like most Florida communities Sarasota and its surrounding areas host many world class golf courses. There are Florida golf courses to challenge golfers of every skill level. Of course Englewood has many fine golf courses as well, but for a change of golfing venues you should consider one of the many golf courses in the Sarasota area.

Award-winning Beaches

Sarasota boasts award winning beaches on it’s Gulf Coast.

  • Longboat Key has great beaches but access and parking are difficult.
  • Lido Key offers North Lido Beach which is a good beach for privacy; Lido Public Beach has many amenities such as a pavilion, picnic tables, parking and a play ground.
  • South Lido Park is a natural experience park with picnic tables and parking.

Siesta Key is an award-winning beach with several access points with Siesta Village and shops.

  • Siesta Public Beach is popular and busy.
  • Turtle Beach has parking, a play ground and walkovers to the beach.

Artisans Shops, Flea Markets, Restaurants, Theatre

Sarasota Fl also boasts great artisan shops and markets, excellent restaurants and theaters. Obviously with so much to do, you will probably make more than one day trip to explore and enjoy this wonderful Gulf Coast community.

There is a very special place in Sarasota that is a “must see”, “must do” for anyone who loves nature, or for that matter cares just a little bit about the wildlife and its Gulf coast region habitat.

Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium

The Mote Aquarium is the feature site of just some of the great work that this organization does to promote and protect a healthy habitat for the many species that call the waters that surround the state of Florida their home.

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