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In The Englewood Area

In fact, there are many RV parks throughout the entire state of Florida.

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The Englewood area has always been a vacation and retirement haven for those of us who want to escape the snow and freezing temperatures of the north. During the past two decades many types of vacation and retirement accommodations have been developed in this area.

Elsewhere on this website you can explore other accommodation options in the Englewood area. But, like many of you, we have also explored the idea of owning an RV. This is especially true now that this mode of vacation and retirement travel has become increasingly more popular.

We have often thought about the RV lifestyle for our retirement. The RV is an ever-increasing retirement and vacation option for people of all ages.

Types of RV Parks

  • Some parks prefer to rent on a seasonal basis and encourage long-term rental relationships.
  • Then there are parks that cater to short term rental situations.
  • And, of course, some parks offer both scenarios.
  • There are also parks that only cater to RV residents who are over the age of 55.
  • Some parks are exclusive only allowing certain types of RVs or ones which cost over an amount.

What RVers Should Look For

  • What does your lease include?
  • Can you store your RV on site when you are not living there? (Some parks provide storage facilities at a much reduced rate. This encourages long-term visitation.)
  • Does the park offer water and electric facilities, telephone or cable hookups? And now that more and more of us are wired to the web, is an Internet connection available?
  • Is the cost of water and electricity included in your lease or are they charged additionally?
  • Is there a recreation center and is there a user fee?
  • What other recreational amenities does the park offer? (i.e. swimming pool, playground area)
  • Are there public washrooms, showers and change rooms (if there is a swimming pool)?
  • Does the park provide some form of security for its residents? (The Englewood area is a relatively safe area. Therefore this may not be an issue.)

We have friends who are avid RVers and some of them make use of the RV parks in the Englewood area. But, that is the joy of retirement plans in this area. There are many possibilities for your retirement. You just have to Enjoy Englewood Florida!

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