Retirement Living In Englewood Florida

Retirement! This one word can have countless meanings for countless people. If you are like us, this means being able to do what you want, when you want, within reason of course.

Day Trip To Boca Grande

Day Trip To Boca Grande

As a writer I probably will never totally stop working. But, I will make some changes in my life.

A priority for us is living in an area where there is lots of sunshine and warm weather throughout the entire year. Obviously the state of Florida provides the opportunity to live in these weather conditions.

You Will Love The Sunshine And Warm Weather All Year! (No Snow To Shovel)

We have been visiting the Englewood area for many years. Therefore our destination of choice for a Florida retirement community is not a mystery!

But nice warm and sunny weather is not the only requirement that meets our living needs.

My wife, who is also a writer, is an avid bird watcher, an amateur naturalist as well as a wannabe golfer.

I enjoy bird watching, historic sites and museums, the beach, watching sports of all types and playing golf.

Available affordable housing in a safe environment is very important to us!

Good medical facilities are also a necessity.

We do not want to live in a big city. The hustle and bustle of major urban life never did impress us very much.

On all counts, Englewood Florida is our perfect destination for living out our golden years.

Did I Mention The Sunshine!
The purpose of this website is to inform you about all the wonderful amenities Englewood Florida has to offer.

Hopefully to assist you in making a better-informed decision about your retirement destination or your vacation plans.

If it is your desire to quit working early, there are Age 55-plus housing communities and other benefits to moving to this part of the state of Florida.

We hope that you enjoy our website and find it informative.

But, most of all we hope that you too will Enjoy Englewood Florida!

(We are adding more to this site almost daily. Please check back often!)

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