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Restaurant listings of Englewood provides the scoop on the best Italian restaurants, seafood restaurants, Mexican cuisine, family style dining or eateries. Enjoy the tasting!

mango birstro restaurant
Mango Bistro, Fabulous Food & Ambience To Match

When you sit down at a place of food you are handed a restaurant menu. You chose that location initially for a reason and it very likely was because someone told you about how much they enjoyed what was in that menu.

But if no one recommended a particular restaurant to you, then the first thing that will draw your attention is what the look of the outside speaks to you. And there are many places to eat in Englewood that are as enticing on the outside as they taste on the inside.

The restaurant listings near the bottom of this page reveals that there are a wide variety of great places to eat in the area. This is just another reason why we love this Gulf Coast community so much!

Our Englewood reviews of restaurants will span a broad spectrum of dining experience. After all, there are many fine eating establishments here, including some wonderful Mexican cuisine, Italian restaurants, sushi restaurants, buffet-style venues and of course, GREAT seafood restaurants. As well, there are many family-style dining eateries, and a wide variety of locations offering international cuisine.

Because of Englewoods close proximity to other towns and cities you could travel beyond Englewood to explore the many restaurants in other areas, but why would you want to when there are so many quality restaurants right here?

First of all, I want to start with a lament. (but I won’t end there, I promise)

For many years, my wife and I enjoyed sitting on the deck at Mad Sam’s Grille and Bar on Beach Road. After a day on the golf course, at the beach, or simply hanging out around the house, we loved going to Mad Sam’s. We would arrive early enough to get a table on the deck overlooking the water.

For the next couple of hours, or more, we would enjoy the food, and scan the water for hints of the elusive manatees swimming just below the surface of the water, or watch the dolphins flirting with boaters as they passed by. Alas, our time at Mad Sam’s is over.

In 2006, the building was torn down to make way for progress, I guess.

Englewood restaurant listings tells the world about the many wonderful places that tempt you. I have listed below just a few of them. This list will grow, as you and I add more restaurants with our best Englewood dining experiences.

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