Passports are necessary if you are not an American citizen and you wish to spend time enjoying the four fabulous beaches, the great golf courses and the fantastic Englewood Florida weather.

Consequently, passports are an important consideration when planning a trip anywhere.

“Where to get a passport” is a question posed by anyone from any nation when they decide that they want travel outside their own country.

The second question that is often asked is “where can we access passport applications?”

If you already have a passport and you are preparing to travel abroad it is wise to check and see if you should take the steps for passport renewal before you leave home. After all, it would be an unpleasant surprise, to discover that your passport is about to expire when you are thousands of miles away from home.

“Renew passport” should be an item noted on your “to do” list of things that are necessary to be completed before leaving your homeland for a holiday in another country.

The prospect of a warm winter holiday or a visit with the kids to a theme park during summer vacation makes the State of Florida a popular destination for citizens from around the globe.

Although we have met visitors from many countries enjoying the Sunshine State, our experience has been that the majority seem to come from three countries, Canada, Great Britain and Germany.

Although, I am sure that there are many other visitors to Englewood from other nations, at present we have limited our information to help prospective visitors from these three nations. (Perhaps in the future we will be able to add information about passports from other countries.)

To assist citizens from Germany and Great Britain we have created the following pages, How to get a British Passport. and How to get a German Passport

It is our hope that these pages will provide the necessary information to allow others to come and explore and enjoy our favorite place in the world, Englewood Florida.

Canadians make up the largest group of vacationers and retirees who visit Florida each year. The Canadian government estimates that Canadians make more than 3 million visits each year to the United States.

To help Canadians enjoy Florida we have created two web pages. To visit these pages just click on How to get a Canadian Passport and Passport Renewals for Canadians

The concept of Canadians needing a passport to visit the United States is relatively new. Until recently, there was free entry to the United States for Canadians and free entry to Canada for American citizens. Now passports are required for both groups.

We hope that the information posted in this section of makes it easier for you to visit Florida and enjoy all that the Sunshine State has to offer. And, most of all, we hope it helps you discover our little piece of retirement and vacation paradise, and then you too can Enjoy Englewood Florida.

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