Most Popular Driving Route
to Florida and Englewood

The most popular driving route to Florida is Interstate 75. Although it is not the fastest route from the northeastern United States and Canada, it is definitely the most direct.

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NOTE: We Recently Traveled This Route And I Have To Say It Is Definitely A Popular Driving Route, Especially With Trucks! We Found Ourselves Constantly Surrounded By Big Rigs. I Am Not A Slow Driver, But I Consistently Found Myself Staring At The Grill Of A Big Rig Looming In My Rear View Mirror. I Understand Time Is Money For These Guys But The Constant Push Became Very Tiring. And Although There Are Many Good Things About This Route, It Is Not A Relaxing Way To Get To And From Your Vacation Destination In Florida.

Your Destination!

Once you start southbound on I-75 the only time that you take another route is when you take the exit to enter Englewood. Consequently, it is virtually impossible to get lost! It is easy to see why this is the most popular driving route to Florida.

But, despite the simplicity of the route, I have provided a map of the most popular driving route to Florida in words rather than an actual map.

There are several major Interstate highways that intersect with I-75 creating a patchwork of efficient travel routes to bring you to your holiday destination in Englewood, Florida.

The Interstates which intersect with I-75 to create the most popular driving route to Florida are:

  • I-94 in Detroit Michigan
  • I-80 near Toledo Ohio
  • I-90 near Toledo Ohio
  • I-70 near Dayton Ohio
  • I-74 in Cincinnati Ohio
  • I-64 in Lexington Kentucky
  • I-40 at Knoxville Tennessee
  • I-20 in Atlanta Georgia
  • I-85 in Atlanta Georgia
  • I-10 near Lake City Florida
  • I-4 in Tampa Florida

Northern Terminus

Interstate 75 has its northern start point at the Canadian border at Sault Ste. Marie Michigan and its southern terminus at Miami Florida. This most popular driving route to Florida has been our way to Englewood on several occasions and we have enjoyed it very much.

Detroit, like most major metropolitan areas is to be avoided during rush hour. In fact from Detroit to Toledo can take a long time if traffic is heavy.

I-75 from Detroit to Cincinnati is a very flat stretch of highway. If it is snowing be wary of drifting snow and poor visibility. There are lots of service centers and rest stops along the way. So pull over and wait it out. After all, it is better to get to Englewood later than not at all.

After passing through Bowling Green and Dayton, you approach Cincinnati. There are three ways to pass the city of Cincinnati. We have taken both the eastern and the western by-pass, but surprisingly we have made the best time by staying on I-75 and going right through the middle of the city. Of course, like Detroit we plan our trip to reach this Ohio city when we can avoid the rush hour traffic.

After leaving Cincinnati, the terrain starts to change. As you get closer to Lexington Kentucky the scenery changes to include the rich meadows and fields of the horse farms for which this part of Kentucky is famous. From Lexington, I-75 enters the mountains and the view is awesome for almost the entire journey to Knoxville, Tennessee.

Like Cincinnati and Detroit, Knoxville’s traffic flow can be a bit of a problem. (There always seems to be some sort of road construction going on.)

When you enter Knoxville, be aware of the road signs.

It is very easy to get turned around or lost. Once again the traffic will be heavy, so try and plan ahead and give yourself lots of time for lane changes. From Knoxville, a short drive of about 90 minutes will take you to Chattanooga Tennessee.

We often plan to end our travel day here. This is a great place to stop and eat or stay over night. We have found that an early start the next morning gets us to Englewood in the late afternoon.

CAUTION: If you do stay in Chattanooga, plan to arrive in the Atlanta area either before 7:00 am or after 9:00 am. Because the traffic during the morning rush hour and the evening rush hour as well, is very slow and arduous. It is just not worth the stress if you are not used to the city rush time

Are We There Yet?

Once Atlanta is in your rear view mirror, the most popular driving route to Florida becomes even better. There are no more cities with terrible rush hour traffic to impede or slow down your quest to be in sunny Englewood.

From Atlanta southward is an interesting part of the trip. Even though you are in the south, the heavily forested areas remind you more of a northern or mountain state or province. But, after a few hours on the road you see them.

Valdosta Georgia is a significant point in the trip. You are almost in Florida! Your holiday destination is not far away.

As you leave the Florida Welcome Center, expectations are high! The trip is almost over. Tomorrow you will be on the golf course, or at the beach. But as you drive look around, enjoy the scenery.

On one of my first trips through this area I was surprised by the number of horse farms in Florida.

The first major city on your Florida pathway is Gainesville, the home of the Gators, my football team. (In Florida football is king!)

hourses flor farm

One of the many Florida horse farms.

Next on the route is the city of Ocala. Then Tampa, home of the famous Busch Gardens, looms on the horizon. There is only a couple of hours to go.

Also there are many beef farms along the way. I thought that longhorns only grazed in Texas. But then it was also a surprise to find out that beef farming is a huge industry in the state of Florida.

And then you see it! The exit for Englewood lies just ahead. It is the signal that the most popular driving route to Florida is almost over. In about fifteen to twenty minutes you will be unpacking the car.

You have reached your destination and can now start to Enjoy Englewood Florida!

Listed below are travel links to three highway routes and of course information about air traffic connections to the Englewood area. Enjoy your trip and we will see you on the beach!

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