Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is an important item that is on everyone’s mind.

Why am I writing about types of health insurance on a website about vacationing and retiring in Englewood Florida? Well, that is a fair question.

I never thought that I would be creating a webpage, or a series of webpages, about medical coverage and posting them on

But I get asked about various health coverage topics and wanted to help out.

I am not an expert in this field so I encourage you to shop around. I have provided links to company’s which offer various types of insurance. Please do diligence in investigating the best plan for your needs and budget.

There is a wide range of types of health insurance. But perhaps the three biggest areas of concern are family coverage, traveling insured, and of course in a retirement community such as Englewood, health insurance for retirees.

Unfortunately, while researching this topic, either talking to individuals or reading articles I have discovered that that the number of citizens with no health insurance is dangerously high.

Maybe, I will be able to provide some of those individuals with information that will help them find medical health insurance that is affordable.

As we get older, and it is a fact of life that we all must age, health issues become more prevalent. No matter how much we have exercised and eaten a healthy diet, we are more likely to get sick as we age. And, for whatever reason, health care is not inexpensive. Therefore we have to take steps to help us pay for those trips to the doctor, the medical clinic, or the hospital.

I am sure that many of you have heard the “horror stories” of trips to the hospital that have stripped people of their life savings. So I hope in these pages you will find the information about medial insurance that will help you keep your assets and enjoy peace of mind, while you are relaxing on one of Englewood’s four fabulous beaches, playing golf or simply dining out with your family at one the many great restaurants in this area.

My goal is simple. I just want everyone to be able to Enjoy Englewood Florida!

But I am often asked about health insurance in terms of living or vacationing in Englewood. So, after much consideration I decided to create this page and others in an effort to not only answer my readers’ questions, but also perhaps provide them with some sources to explore with regards to meeting their medical insurance needs.

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