Manasota Beach

Manasota Beach Sign

Manasota Beach is located further up Manasota Key past Blind Pass Beach. This is another of the great beaches that you can visit when you vacation in Englewood.

Manasota beach

Manasota Beach

This beach is one of our favorite beaches on Manasota Key. (Sometimes I feel like I describe all of Englewood’s four beaches as my favorite!) It is not as busy as Englewood Beach and often in the bright warmth of the morning sun you will be with just a handful of beach goers, just lazing about relaxing.

Feel like a King on Manasota Beach We often take a drive along the Manasota Key in the early evening. We turn on to Beach Road and after crossing the bridge, (sometimes my wife insists upon stopping and trying to see a manatee before we continue on) we turn right at the intersection.

Brown Pelicans

Brown Pelicans, Beach Denizens

But of course when we come to the canopied part of the road my wife looks for birds in the trees. Our routine is as follows:

  • I drive slowly, making sure that I am not impeding traffic.
  • She watches for wildlife (preferably of the feathered variety)
  • When she spots a bird (or an animal) of interest she tells me and I try and find a spot to pull over so we can both see her discovery.
  • And, she can take a photograph!
Manasota Beach on Key

So Much to Enjoy on this Wonderful Beach

Sometimes we pull into the parking lot at Blind Pass Beach (which some people call the Middle Beach) and go for a walk along the nature trail. But, usually at this time of day we continue on to Manasota Beach for a walk on the beach and quick swim.

This beach has a good parking lot close by, showers and restrooms.

On some occasions, we head to this location in the late afternoon and enjoy a picnic either at the picnic tables that are provided, or on the beach.

Manasota Beach as well as the other Englewood area beaches on Manasota Key are just another great reason why we enjoy Englewood Florida.

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