Italian Restaurant Review:

Mama’s Italian Restaurant review reveals another of those great little Englewood restaurants that we have been frequenting for many years. If you love traditional Italian food you will love this Italian restaurant.

We discovered Mama’s Italian Restaurant out of curiosity. Quite often our route to and from the beach took us past Mama’s Italian Restaurant. It seemed that every time we went by, there was either a line up to get in or there were several people standing around outside the entrance. As well, the manicured landscape around the building always caught Judy’’s attention.


So, one day we decided to go and see why this restaurant always seemed to be so busy.

After waiting for about twenty minutes, we were led into an Italian dining room, the restaurant is partitioned into smaller separate dining areas. The diners were a mix of older and younger couples as well as some three-generation families (grandparents, parents and grandchildren).

After ordering, we sat back and enjoyed the surroundings. Waiting for our meal was not a long or tedious affair, in fact, almost before we knew it, a smiling waitress placed before us our steaming entrees of the best Italian food recipes. Moments after our food arrived we knew why there was always a group of people waiting to get into Mama’s Italian Restaurant. The food is magnifico!

Mama’s Italian Restaurant seems to be always busy, so you might want to make reservations by calling 475-5656, located at 2091 South McCall Road. But sometimes I think standing in line or waiting outside to be called is part of the magic of Mama’s Italian Restaurant. After all, you never know who you will meet while you are waiting your turn!

Mama’s Italian Restaurant review demonstrates another reason why we Enjoy Englewood Florida!

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