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I-95 is the driving route taken to reach your sunny vacation destination in Englewood Florida, especially if you live along the eastern seaboard of the United States or Canada.

This interstate highway spans the entire north-south length of the United States. I-95 starts in Miami Florida and continues north to the Houlton Maine where it enters Canada and becomes New Brunswick Highway #95.

Due to its geographical location I have not traveled the entire length of this route. But, over the course of many years of travel I have driven the parts of this driving route that stretch southward from the Washington D.C. region to central Florida.

If you click on my favorite driving route to Englewood (I-79,I-77,I-26,I-95) you can also read about the South Carolina, Georgia and Florida section of this interstate.

Stretching 1,927 miles, this driving route is the longest interstate highway running north and south in the United States.

I have provided a word map to help you drive this route and arrive at your vacation destination in Englewood Florida.

There are many east-west interstate routes that intersect with I-95.

Englewood Florida

Some of the major ones are:

  • I-4 near Daytona Beach Florida
  • I-10 near Jacksonville Florida
  • I-20 near Florence South Carolina
  • I-40 around Benson North Carolina
  • I-85 in Petersburg Virginia
  • I-70 in Baltimore Maryland
  • I-80 in Teaneck New Jersey
  • I-90 outside Boston Mass.

Because it traverses the heavily populated northeastern states, I suggest that you plan your trip to minimize your chances of being caught in rush hour traffic around the large cities that I-95 connects.

Travelers who regularly use this route, have told me that it is efficient and an effective driving route to travel to Englewood Florida, but you must carefully plan your trip.

I know that when you travel through the Washington D.C. area, THINK ahead. When I drove through this area several years ago, I had been warned about the problems presented by high-volume traffic congestion. So I drove around Washington shortly before 6:00 am and was shocked by the heavy traffic flow even at that early hour.

From Washington southward, I can personally attest that the route is delightful. There are lots of rest stops and service centers. And, if you have the time there are some great places to stop and spend a few hours or a day or more. The history of this area is rich and fascinating!

Our usual route to Englewood connects us to I-95 in South Carolina. Between this point and Daytona Beach, Florida we have found some great places to eat and spend a night.

Two of our favorite spots are of course, the Florida Welcome Center and about 10-15 minutes south of Jacksonville, the World Golf Hall of Fame at the World Golf Village. Oh yes! And of course, the palm trees that dot the roadside landscape!

In the Daytona Beach take I-4 westbound. In about an hour you will be in Orlando, once again I have a caution for you.

Try and plan your trip itinerary so you arrive in this area at a non-rush hour time. Because the traffic in Orlando can be hectic!

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Another couple of hours of driving brings you to the outskirts of the city of Tampa. Take I-75 southbound. Shortly after passing the last Sarasota exit you will come to the Englewood exit.

In 15-20 minutes you will be stretching your legs in the warmth of the sunshine state and getting ready to Enjoy Englewood Florida!

Listed below are travel links to three highway routes and of course information about air traffic connections to the Englewood area. Enjoy your trip and we will see you on the beach!

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