How to Get to Florida
Fast and Cheap!

How to get to Florida fast and cheap is something I am often asked.

Don’t cancel that family vacation in Florida because of high gas prices and increased costs of airline tickets! There is an answer to the question of how to travel fast and cheap to a great vacation in the Sunshine State!

Here is how to get to Florida as we have always done it. One thing I can’t stand is spending a lot of money to get to our favorite vacation destination, Englewood Florida. I prefer to keep our money for enjoying the great Englewood restaurants and golf courses.

After exploring different travel routes, we have developed a route plan to expedite our trip to Florida as fast and cheap as possible.Here is our route plan how to get to Florida.

We start our journey with a trip to our favorite superstore where we load up on food for lunches and travel snacks. This way we reduce the urge to spend money on impulse goodies at the travel centers when we stop for gasoline. We carry a cooler which we fill with water, sodas and ice tea.

palm trees

A full bag of ice, which usually costs less than $2.00, will keep our food and drinks cold for a day.

Before leaving home I check websites which locate the gas stations that sell cheap gas along our route.

NOTE: The last thing you need on your trip is dirty gas so there are some gas stations I refuse to stop at because that brand of gas does not allow for good mileage. So cheap gas is one thing, but cheap quality gas is the most important consideration. After all, how to get to Florida fast and cheap does not mean cheap without quality.

At rest stops my wife checks out the coupon books which offer discount hotel accommodations. These are usually found at the Welcome Centers on the interstate highways. (Don’t bother collecting a coupon book at the West Virginia Welcome Center if you are planning on spending the night in Georgia, wait until you arrive at the Georgia Welcome Center.)

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Another must for our trip, is to take full advantage of the Welcome Centers in each state along our route. These facilities offer clean restrooms. As well, you can find a wide range of information brochures about places to stay and eat in the state. Often, you will discover discount coupons for accommodations and restaurants. And, if you are looking for a diversion from your driving, you may also discover flea markets, farmers markets and other venues to interest you.

Welcome Center on I-95

For more detailed information about things to do and see along this driving route check out our book, Fastest Driving Route to Florida. We have not only included a detailed map of the various sections along the fastest route to Florida, but we have also highlighted various venues from the world of sports, heritage and culture that may pique your interest. The Fastest Driving Route to Florida is available from For more information check the image of this book located further down this page.

As you travel further south, the weather becomes warmer. This also provides another answer to how to get to Florida fast and cheap. The warm weather makes it possible to enjoy a picnic along the way. Picnics are not only an economical way to travel but they are sometimes quicker than sitting in a restaurant waiting to be served. Also, and this is a big plus for my wife and I, you can choose to find a picnic setting that offers a great view to enjoy while you lunch. For instance, on the northern stretch of our trip, when it is too cold to sit outside and picnic, we sometimes will just sit in the car and enjoy to surroundings as we dine.

I hope this answers your question regarding how to get to Florida fast and cheap.

Before you know it, you will be enjoying the warm waters, the sunny skies and of course the great sand on Englewood’s four fabulous beaches! Then you too will discover why we Enjoy Englewood Florida!

Listed below are travel links to three highway routes and of course information about air traffic connections to the Englewood area. Enjoy your trip and we will see you on the beach!

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