How To Get A Passport:
For Canadians

How to get a passport has become an important circumstance for Canadians who visit Florida, or anywhere else in the United States. But, in reality, it is really quite simple to get a Canadian passport.

Until recently Canadian passports were unnecessary to cross the border into the United States. Whenever Canadians wanted to enter the United States, whether it was for a little cross-border shopping or traveling to Florida to escape the snow and cold weather all they had to do was drive to the nearest border crossing, identify themselves and usually they were quickly on their way to their American destination. Now, no matter what the reason, Canadians are required to get a passport if they want to visit their neighbors to the south.

With this change of travel requirements for those wishing to visit Englewood Florida how to get a passport has become a primary need before embarking upon your trip.

The answer to the question “How to get a passport?” is quite simple.

The steps to a getting a Canadian passport are really easy to follow:

  • To apply for a Canadian passport you will need to fill out a passport application form.
  • Canadian passport information and passport forms can be found at the passport office located in Service Canada offices.
  • Service Canada offices can be found in most Canadian communities or on the Service Canada website.
  • You can also go online at the Service Canada website and answer all of you questions regarding “How to get a passport?”.
  • Once you have your Canadian passport application form it is really easy to fill out.
  • You will need your birth certificate and a witness to sign your passport form. This witness is really only verifying that you are who you say you are.

The helpful people at Service Canada will tell you that it will take about six weeks to process and send your Canadian passport. However, we know people who received their passport in only ten days.
It is important to remember that you should always carry your Canadian passport when you are outside Canada. It is really the only proof of your nationality that you have that is recognized worldwide.

Caution: Once you receive your passport protect it from theft or loss. There are many unscrupulous people who would love to get their hands on your Canadian passport. And, a Canadian passport may be required by some business establishments to cash travelers cheques.

If you do lose your passport there are some steps that you should take immediately to protect yourself and your identity.

If you already have a Canadian passport but it has expired renewing your passport is really quite simple.

The answer to the question “How to get a passport?” is really quite easy. So, follow the steps above and get your Canadian passport so you can Enjoy Englewood Florida!

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