How to Get a
British Passport

How to get a passport is an important question for our British friends who wish to enjoy the sun and sand of Englewood’s fantastic four beaches.

As we wander along the streets of Old Englewood or leisurely stroll the beaches that make Englewood Florida a great place to retire to, or vacation, we often meet visitors to Englewood who hail from Britain. And, like us, once they have visited this Gulf Coast community they become repeat visitors.

But, like anyone who is planning a trip to the United States and Englewood Florida in particular, you must have a valid passport to enter the United States.

How to get a passport is a question everyone must ask themselves sometime in their lives. For British citizens it is relatively easy to get a British passport. The necessary information can be found at the website known as Directgov. Here you can apply for a passport online and discover all that you need to know about a British passport.

Here are a few tips that will help you find the answer to how to get a passport and enable you to get your first British passport to enable you to visit sunny Englewood Florida:

  • You should make your passport application at least six weeks in advance of your proposed departure date. This amount of time is required to enable the Identity and Passport Service, also known as IPS, to review your passport information and then contact you for an interview.
  • You may use the expedited services for passport renewal.
  • Because of the interview process required for a first-time passport holder, the fast track one-week or the premium one-day services are not available.
  • Children, up to age sixteen, can travel on their parents’ passports.
  • Once they reach the age of sixteen children are eligible to apply for an adult passport.
  • Passport application forms are available in paper form or online from the Identity and Passport Service.
  • A standard British passport can be purchased for £77.50. You will not need a passport renewal for ten years.

However, if you are vacationing, or retired, in Englewood Florida; or elsewhere in the United States; just follow the steps below on how to renew a British passport in the USA:

  • All you have to do is download a passport application from the British embassy website.
  • Make sure that when you fill out the passport renewal form to include your email address.

If you follow these steps you will not have to travel back to Britain to renew your passport. Instead, this is a great way to continue your stay in sunny and warm Englewood Florida. You will not lose any time away from your Florida Gulf Coast home. And, you can continue to enjoy the great beaches; hone your golf game on the many golf courses that dot the landscape of the Florida?s Gulf Coast; or just simply enjoy to sun and great weather.

We hope this information helps you to Enjoy Englewood Florida!

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