How To Get A
German Passport

How to get a German passport is a question that needs to be answered if you are a German citizen who wishes to travel to the United States to enjoy to sun and warm weather of Florida. And more particularly, if you wish to join us in our little corner of paradise known as Englewood Florida, you will need these answers.

Like any country, Germany requires its citizens to get a passport before they embark on an international travel experience. This document not only lets you enter another country, but because it is a proof of German citizenship, it also allows you to return to your homeland.

How to get a German passport? It is basically not very difficult. All you need is:

  • Passport application forms
  • Birth certificate
  • You will need two copies of your passport photos
  • Passport fees

If you are out of the country when your passport needs to be renewed, you can easily take care of your passport renewal without taking the long trip home. Here’s how to get a German passport renewed:

  • Make an appointment to apply for a passport at the closest German consulate location to you. You find the consulate’s location online.
  • To make the process move more quickly you can request a passport application from the consulate or you can download it from the website of the German government.

The closest consulate to Englewood Florida is the German Consulate General located in Miami, Florida.

The website for the German Consulate General in Miami states that it has information on Germany. As well, the consular services provide German-related news and events in the area. The site also says that it offers “a wide spectrum of information, including travel, study, doing business in Germany and much more. Our German language website features information and news relevant to German citizens.”

The German Consulate General in the Miami office’s area of jurisdiction covers not only the State of Florida, but also Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

There are also German Consulates in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. Before you go to the German Consulate, here are some tips to make your visit efficient and effective in your quest for your passport renewal:

  • Note: I have also found information sites which suggest that it is often wise to bring along marriage certificates, divorce documents and even death certificates if your spouse is deceased.
  • Two new passport photos are also required.
  • Passport fees:
  • If you are under the age of 24 the passport fee is 50.50 Euros (cash or money order). This passport will be valid for six years.
  • If you are over the age of 24 the passport fee is 72 Euros (cash or money order). This passport will be valid for ten years.
  • Also bring along your birth certificate.

We hope this helps answer your question concerning how to get a German passport.

Having completed the renewal of your German passport you can relax and enjoy a sunny day on one of Englewood’s four fantastic beaches or tee off on one of the area’s great golf courses. Whatever you do, I am sure that you will Enjoy Englewood Florida!

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