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Englewood Florida

Golf trips in Englewood, Florida can be a lot of fun, no matter how well you play the game.

There are countless golf courses around the world that could attract you on a golf holiday. However, our favorite place to swing the clubs is to golf in Englewood Florida. In the Englewood area there are many golf courses to challenge your game.

The golf courses in the area span a broad spectrum of price and difficulty. There are some great Executive golf courses, that despite their short distance, the course layout can create some interesting shots and scores. There are also par 70 to par 72 golf courses which will challenge the best golfer.

Those who take golf trips to Englewood Florida will find that there are a wide variety of private courses and public golf courses to enjoy during their golf holiday.

If You Vacation Or Retire To Englewood Florida, The Game Of Golf Is Easily Accessible With A Wide Range Of Golf Courses To Challenge You, No Matter Whether You Shoot Par, Or Wish That You Could Break 100!

I like to take visitors from the north who come to golf in Englewood night golfing. They are usually shocked when I suggest that we get a tee time for 6:00 pm. When they ask how we are going to play golf in the dark? My response is simple. “You will see.”

(There are golf courses in the vicinity that offer night golf, because they have installed lights to illuminate the fairways and greens. These lights are mounted on poles similar to the ones found in baseball stadiums and shopping mall parking lots.)

Whether you are in the Englewood area as part of a golf holiday package, a Christmas golf break or your golf trip has simply brought you to our favorite part of the Gulf Coast region, you will not be disappointed by the many fine golf courses in the Englewood Florida area.

Golf Retirement Communities

There are housing developments created around Florida golf courses. The exclusivity of these golf-focused communities makes it easier to get a good tee time.

As well, the close proximity between your home and the golf course means quicker trips to the golf course.

In some golf retirement communities, you don’t even need your car, just your own golf cart.

Golf Trips or Golf Holidays

I not only like to golf, but I also like to watch others compete at this great game. There are several professional golf tournaments in the area.

Many golf fans plan their golf trips not only to play golf in the area, but also arrange their golf holiday around seeing the professionals play. The PGA Tour stops in the Tampa and Orlando areas in March, exciting events to arrange your golf trip around.

Tampa and Naples area golf courses welcome the Champions Tour in the spring months as well.

And, if you wish to travel further in the State of Florida, there are many more Florida golf tournaments including LPGA events.

Florida is also the home of smaller golf tours. These tournaments usually feature younger golfers who aspire to play some day on the PGA or the LPGA tours.

Golf Courses: World Golf Hall Of Fame

Every so often, my wife and I like to go on golf trips. One of our favorites is to the World Golf Hall of Fame near St. Augustine Florida.

The World Golf Hall of Fame is located at World Golf Village golf center near St. Augustine, Florida, and is a collaboration of 27 national and international golf organizations including the USGA, LPGA, PGA of America, PGA TOUR and SENIOR PGA TOUR.

The dramatic 75,000 square-foot building houses interactive displays, historic artifacts, a special exhibit gallery, World Golf IMAX Theater and the Hall of Fame itself, which honors the game’s greatest players and contributors.

World Golf Village Golf Center
World Golf Village Golf Center

Each fall the newest members are inducted during the annual ceremony filled with all of the pomp and circumstance befitting a game that spans over 600 years.

Find out more about this fabulous golf get-away: World Golf Hall of Fame.

When many people all over the world think of Florida, their first thought is that this is a great golf holiday destination. Golf trips to Englewood, Florida make a great vacation or retirement pastime. The game of golf in the area is easily accessible with a wide range of golf courses to challenge you, no matter whether you shoot par, or wish that you could break 100!

It’s all here when you Enjoy Englewood Florida!

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