Florida Travel Routes To Englewood

There are many different Florida travel routes that will help you arrive at your vacation destination in Englewood.

Florida Welcome Centre Sign

Florida Welcome Centre

We have tried many of them and quite frankly they all have their merits. In these days where economy travel is an important consideration for us all we hope these pages will help you make your decision before you go travel.

First of all, if you like to fly, Englewood is ideally located to meet your aviation needs. There are at least four major international airports within an easy drive from this Lemon Bay community.

If you prefer to drive to Florida, you are in luck. Three major north-south interstate highway corridors connect the state of Florida with the entire eastern seaboard of the United States and Canada.

Florida Welcome Centre Staff

Florida Welcome Centre Friendly Staff

Each of these Interstate highways intersects with several major east-west Interstate corridors. Consequently, wherever you live in continental North America there is a good highway route to bring you to the sun, sand and surf in Florida and the community of Englewood.

When we are heading for our vacation in Englewood Florida we try to take a different route each time. Over the years we have discovered that each path has its benefits.

One is a little faster in terms of time, but this route consists of considerable mountain travel and traverses several different highways. While the scenery is fantastic, the roads can be a little difficult in both rainy and snowy conditions.

All the routes to drive to Florida are well maintained and the service centers are excellent.

Florida Welcome Centre

Welcome Centre at the State Border

Listed below are Florida travel links to three highway routes and of course information about air traffic connections to the Englewood area. Enjoy your trip and we will see you on the beach!

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