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Florida spa resorts close to home in Englewood rival leisure destinations anywhere.

Pamper yourself with a spa day

Pamper yourself with a spa day

The balmy, gentle sea breezes of the gulf coast constantly beckon visitors to come, kick back and be pampered.

Florida Day Spas

florida day spas

There are day spas that can be utilized for an hour or two, a half day or a full day. Some, or all, of the usual spa coddling is offered at these locations.

These indulgences include salon services such as hair styling, manicures, pedicures, tanning (by a variety of means) and spa services like massage, facial and body treatments of many different kinds. Various other health and beauty treatments may also be on the menu.

Health Spa Resorts

florida day spas

These types of Florida spa resorts usually require a minimum of two to seven night stays.

They are dedicated to building their client’s health and instructing the guest on future healthy lifestyle changes.

Exercise training is an important ingredient in the building of an improved life plan and commonly included in this type of destination spa.

Besides providing the expected spa body treatments, a special health enriching meal plan is also often part of the package.

Spa Resort Hotels

florida day spas

Then there are the spa resort hotels affording luxury, fully immersed pampering for days on end with a variety of choices in a hotel setting.

These particular venues are a good choice for those who visit with someone else, who enjoys different activities. One person may lean towards the sports choices offered such as golf, while the other visitor may want to indulge in massages and spa treatments.

They can come together in the dining room and one can order steak and fries and the other can dine on a culinary delight created from spa cuisine.

A family excursion can also be enjoyed at some facilities with supervised fun activities for children of all ages.

Medical Spas

florida day spas

Medical spas offer various treatments with the purpose of healing the body or prolonging a youthful look. Often the treatments at these Florida spa resorts faciilities require a medical doctor to be present.

Traditional and non-traditional medical healing, are often practiced side-by-side along with spa treatments.

Packing Your Bags Yet?

Just the aesthetics of the collection of elegant spas and resorts in the Englewood area is enough. There is nothing lacking or missed in the fine array of pampered palaces here. But they all offer so much more too.

The natural setting of the area offers clear turquoise water and miles of white sandy beaches inviting visitors to swim, surf, parasail, snorkel or scuba dive. Beach volleyball is popular with the younger set or just catching up on a tan suits everyone.

Englewood Beach Sunbathers

Enjoying Beautiful Englewood Beach

Boating or deep sea fishing are available if that is your choice for whiling away the time. Good Florida golf is always a constant in Englewood. (May be just my own prejudice showing through, but I don’t think so.)

So get those bags packed and come and have a wonderful day or week at the spa while you enjoy Englewood Florida!

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