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Florida Shopping

Florida shopping, when you are retired or on vacation, takes on a whole new concept of being far more frivolous and fun, doesn’t it? You are not shopping out of need, but just to see what interesting finds you can discover.

Englewood is a small community, but its’ shopping facilities are

Old Englewood
Old Englewood

exceptional. There are many large grocery stores, a few big box stores, and a lot of excellent specialty shops.

The grocery and big box stores are located throughout the area, but if you are looking for unique Florida shopping experiences, there are two places that I recommend.

Old Englewood Shops

Old Engle wood
A colorful place to shop.

First, take a trip into what is affectionately known as old Englewood village. On Dearborn Street you will find a number of unique gallery-style shops, Florida antique shops and other places of business with an eclectic flair.

The second unique area for shopping is at Englewood beach. Like most Florida beaches, there are lots of Florida surf shops, specializing in beach apparel, tanning supplies and of course Florida souvenirs.

Because of Englewood’s close proximity to other larger centers there are lots of Florida shopping experiences available to you.

Nearby Venice Browsing

Venice shopping facilities are only a few minutes away from Englewood. This community seems to have miles of Florida outlet shopping enterprises to fill your every need.

Florida outlet shopping malls can be found across the state. Because there are so many Florida outlet shopping malls, I suggest that you talk to your neighbors and others to find out which Florida outlet malls will best meet your shopping interests.

Sarasota Shopping

Sarasota shopping facilities offer even more variety simply because of the larger population of that community. And, because Sarasota is only a half hour drive from Englewood it is an easy drive to simply spend a few hours shopping.

Tampa, St Pete’s, Fort Myers

All (approx. 90 minutes) from Englewood. Tampa and St. Pete’s are north and Fort Myers is located in the opposite direction south.

Each location offers a shopping excursion with great opportunities for a day trip out of the Englewood area. And, you never know what you might find in that little shop that you accidentally stumble upon during your Florida shopping forays from Englewood.

Take a Mini-Trip to Shop

You might even decide to take a day or two away from Englewood for a mini vacation for a Naples shopping experience.

On Saturday mornings I enjoy getting up early, eating a quick breakfast and hitting the streets of Englewood to explore the garage sales that pop up on a weekly basis. I don’t usually buy much. But, it is an interesting way to spend a few hours.

Flea Markets Offer Interesting Items

There are a few flea markets within a short drive of Englewood and sometimes when we are out driving, my wife and I like to drop in and explore.

Shopping in Englewood meets all of our family’s shopping needs. But, when the yen arises, we know that we are only a short drive to other shopping adventures in Florida.

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