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One of my favorite Florida golf stories occurred several years ago. Although I did not personally experience this Florida golf story first hand, I had the pleasure of hearing a co-worker recount this tale on several occasions.

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This golf story took place several years ago when my co-worker friend took a Florida golf vacation. Every year he traveled to Florida and for two weeks he played as many different Florida golf courses as he could find. On average he would play 12 different Florida golf courses during his 14-day Florida golf vacation.

This particular Florida golf story occurred when one morning he arrived at a golf course looking to play a round of golf. He arrived early at the pro shop, hoping to connect with another golfer or a twosome.

But, the pro shop attendant told him that there was no one around and he would have to go solo, because there was a large group about arrive and they had taken all the tee times for the next hour or so.

My friend asked about the golf course layout. He also asked if there was anything else that he should know about the golf course. The attendant told him the scorecard had a map that would provide him with a good idea of what to expect on each hole.

But, just as my friend was heading for the first tee, the young man shouted from the pro shop, “”Watch out for old Mary on the back nine!”

As he walked the first fairway, he carefully checked out all descriptions of the back nine holes on the scorecard. But, nowhere could he find anything referring to ““old Mary””. As the golf round progressed, my friend forgot about “old Mary”.

That is, until he reached, I believe it was the 14th hole. After teeing off, he proceeded down the fairway, which had a slight incline until about halfway down the fairway, when it started to slope downwards to the green.

At the top of a knoll, about 230 yards from the tee, my friend discovered “old Mary”. There about 30 yards further down the fairway was the biggest alligator my friend had ever seen.

Of course, as luck would have it, about 5 feet from “old Mary’’s” mouth lay a golf ball. Thinking that discretion was the better part of valor, my friend decided to drop another golf ball and hit it towards the green.

As he walked towards the green, and taking a wide berth around the gator, he noted not only his golf ball, but a whole bunch of other golf balls lying in the vicinity of the big gator!

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