Florida Golf Schools:
in the Englewood Area

Florida golf schools, sometimes called Florida golf academies, abound in the Sunshine State. The Gulf Coast region of southwest Florida is no exception.

Within a short commute from Englewood, there are a wide range of Florida golf instruction venues to choose from.

Golfers of all ages and abilities are always looking for ways to lower their golf score. If you peruse the shelves at your local book store, or the magazine racks at supermarkets, big box stores and elsewhere reveal a wide range of books and magazines devoted to improving your golf game. There are also innumerable quantities of golf gadgets and gimmicks on the market to tempt golfers with ways to cut strokes from their game. And, the numbers of devices and self-help books and magazines seem to increase every year all of which extol new ideas about how to improve your golf game.

This same quest to lower our golf scores has led to an explosion of golf schools.

Florida has welcomed many golf schools to meet the demands of local residents, visitors and snowbirds.

These golf academies provide golfers of all levels of golf capabilities and interest, an opportunity to find a golf learning facility to meet their particular needs to lower their golf score. It seems that the options are almost unlimited. There are golf schools, or golf academies, that span a broad range of the spectrum from one-on-one intensive golf instruction to golf learning facilities that offer group instruction in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Many of the Florida golf instruction facilities have golf instructors who have earned national recognition for their expertise in the game of golf.

If an intensive golf learning experience is more than you want or need, there are many golf learning centers that offer a more vacation-oriented experience. These schools either have other recreation and leisure facilities, or they are located in close proximity to some of the many theme parks and other holiday venues that dot the Florida vacation landscape.

These pages will give you a one-stop experience about the opportunities to broaden your golf education, not only in the Englewood area, but also elsewhere in the State of Florida. Whether you are looking for a warm sunny escape from the winter, an opportunity to hone your golf game, or just want to get ready for another season on the golf course, the wide variety of golf schools in the State of Florida can meet your needs.

Because the large number of Florida golf schools, I decided to start by providing information about golf schools that are within an easy drive from Englewood.

To the south, Naples Florida is about a two hour drive along I-75 from Englewood. This southwest Florida community is the home of several top-notch golf schools.

One of the Florida golf schools that calls Naples home is the Naples VIP Golf Academy based at The Club at Twin Eagles where one-on-one golf instruction is the primary mode of golf instruction. You may be familiar with The Club at Twin Eagles as it is the host golf course for the ACE Group Classic tournament on the PGA Champions Tour.

The Naples VIP Golf Academy also features a golf school program for women.

Northward from Englewood there are some great golf schools located only ninety minutes along I-75 in the Tampa Bay area. In St. Petersburg there is an Advantage Golf School based at the Vinoy Renaissance Resort right on St. Petersburg’s beautiful waterfront.

Just 25 miles south of Tampa in Sun City, the Ben Sutton Golf School provides a broad range of facilities to assist golfers of all levels of play, hone their skills.

Bradenton and, even closer to home, Sarasota, also host Florida golf schools where you can learn ways to lower your golf scores.

And of course, the Orlando Florida area is not only home to several professional golf tournaments but also many highly acclaimed golf schools.

So, if you would like to discover more about the Florida golf schools in the Englewood area and throughout the rest of Florida follow the links below. Please note that these links will continue to grow as we become aware of more great Florida golf schools.

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