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Ben Sutton Golf School

Florida Golf Schools: Ben Sutton Golf School is a longtime golf instruction facility in the Englewood Florida area.

Founded in 1968, the Ben Sutton Golf School provides a broad range of facilities to assist golfers of all levels of play hone their skills. There are two Ben Sutton Golf School locations, Windham, New York and in Florida, just 25 miles south of Tampa in Sun City.

Located only a short drive northward on I-75 this golf Florida Golf School is an easy commute from Englewood.

The Golf Club at Cypress Creek is the new Florida location for Ben Sutton Golf Schools. All of your golf instruction, after school golf and meals take place at Cypress Creek.

The 50 acre site of the Ben Sutton Golf School was renovated to include new instructional areas that include a Short Game Center and a 12,000 square foot putting and chipping green. The school’’s marketing brochure states that your golf practice and learning time are spent hitting “actual shots from real tees, fairways, rough, bunkers, over and around water, to real greens. It’s a rare blend of northern-style golf with southern conditions”.

The Ben Sutton program aim is that “Whether you a’re a beginner, high or low handicap, young or not so young, our professionals will work within your natural ability to develop the skills necessary to reach you goal – lowering your score and being more consistent”.

Modern golf teaching aids, such as the V-1 Digital System, are used to help define your swing. According to the Ben Sutton Golf School brochure, this is same system “used by many members of the LPGA and PGA Tours and their swing instructors”. When your golf learning session ends you will be given a package which includes a sequential gallery of photos of your golf swing along with a customized practice plan to take home to continue honing your golf skills.

Throughout most of its history the Ben Sutton Golf School avoided aligning itself with golf club manufacturers. However, with the advancements in technology and the continuing quest of golfers to hit the ball further and with better control, the Ben Sutton Golf School has added a Callaway Golf Custom Fitting Center to its golf complex. Students are encouraged to book a time at the Callaway Golf Custom Fitting Center before they arrive. As well, golfers who are in that area can also avail themselves of the Golf Fitting Center.

The Ben Sutton Golf School offers sessions in 2 day, 3 day, 4 day and 6 day packages. As well as improving the physical aspects of your golf game such as your golf swing, there sessions which focus on course management, better golf game strategy. The student-teacher ratio is 5:1. All golf instructors are LPGA or PGA accredited.

A bonus for visitors or residents of Englewood is that this Florida Golf School, the Ben Sutton Golf School, offers its program to commuters as well as to golf students who reserve rooms on-site.

Accommodations are at the Sun City Center Inn which offers amenities such as a swimming pool. Round trip transportation from Tampa International Airport is available. To transport you between the Inn, the county club and the school there is a shuttle service.

Many Florida golf school students who commute choose to stay at home or find their own lodging. Commuters receive everything that the resident students receive except for their lodging and some meals. All lunches and some evening meals are included in the commuter packages. If you are not staying in Englewood the Ben Sutton Golf School is just a short drive from many hotels, motels and inns in the immediate vicinity.

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