Florida Fishing Trips

Florida fishing trips on the Gulf Coast, and especially around Englewood, are a popular pastime.

sharing the catch
Sharing Leftovers From The Catch

Many people plan a family fishing vacation in the area not only because of Englewood’s coastal location, but also because of all the other amenities that are available in the area.

Whether you are on a fishing vacation or just looking for an afternoon’s adventure, there are many ways to fulfill your dreams of catching the “Big One”.

Florida Fishing Charters
Englewood Florida Fishing Charters

Fishing Charters

There are many companies offering charter fishing packages. This method is usually available in two formats.

You can join a group charter for fishing trips in Florida and go fishing with a number of people.

Or, you can hire a fishing boat and enjoy having your guide devote all of his or her attention on your fishing experience.

The latter choice is more expensive, but it allows you to select a more customized outing.

Charter fishing with a boat and crew is probably the best way to go deep-sea fishing. Sailing in unknown waters can be dangerous. Therefore a knowledgeable and experienced crew is more likely to bring you home safely.

And, because of their experience you will more than likely bring home a nice catch of fish and plenty of stories about the ?big ones that got away?.

I have often told my wife that one day I would like to charter a boat and go deep-sea fishing for a Barracuda.

Why? I am not sure. Perhaps, it is the idea of fighting to land one of these ferocious fish. It would be a great adventure.

Fishing the Everglades

Boat Rentals

A less expensive method of taking fishing trips in Florida, is to rent your own boat and go on your own in quest of the big fish.

If you have had experience boating on large bodies of water this will be a good option.

Fishing Boat Rentals
Fishing Boat Rentals

Shore Fishing

The least expensive type of fishing method in the area, is shore fishing.

There are many rivers and waterways in the area where you can cast your fishing line and wait for the big one to bite.

A stop at a local bait shop or marina will likely net you some information about great places to fish from shore, or a bridge.

We have also witnessed people casting a line into the water from the shore of the beach. Apparently this can be a successful way to catch fish. (But just a personal thought. I wish people would not conduct this method of fishing where others are swimming, for two reasons. First, in case a swimmer should get snared by the fishing line or worse still the hook. Second, scavengers like sharks, could be attracted to the area by bait or caught fish.)

Please be safe when on a Florida fishing trip.

Rules and Regulations

Shore Fishing
Shore Fishing

Before casting your line into the water make sure that you have a proper fishing license and are aware of the rules and regulations of the sport for this region.

You can find out more about fishing licenses and the rules and regulations governing the sport at local conservation offices, bait shops and some local government offices.

Whether you spend a few hours sitting in the sun on the shore, or a day in a fishing boat several miles from land, a Florida fishing trip on the Gulf Coast is just another reason to Enjoy Englewood Florida!

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