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What is the best Florida beach?
That is an easy question to answer. Without a doubt the Englewood beaches top our list!

After you cross over the bridge and see the Englewood Beach Shell you know you have arrived. A quick trip around the traffic circle will bring you to the public parking for the beautiful main beach of Manasota Key.

Florida Beach

The beach that we have always just called Englewood Beach, is actually four beaches. These havens of sun, sand and surf are located on Manasota Key, a barrier island just off the mainland. The four beaches include Englewood Beach, Stump Pass Beach, Manasota Beach and Blind Pass Beach.

The beaches are essentially all connected by one road, which changes its name along the route a few times. We often just call it Beach Road or Canopy Road, two of its names for which it is aptly chosen. They are also easy to access from the mainland. I will provide you with directions to each beach on their accompanying page.

Even on days when we don’t feel like swimming, we often go to one of the great beaches in the Englewood area to sit on the sand and read a good book.

Collect The Best Seashells

There is practically no end to the beaches for walking on. And there is never a dull moment. So many interesting, colorful seashells to inspect. Wildlife that fly, swim, or crawl by. Warm breezes on your skin, lapping waves and always bright happy sunshine.

walking stump pass beach
StumShelling On Blind Pass Beach.

When the grandchildren come for a visit we often go hunting for seashells and shark teeth. (I guess I should admit that with or without the grandchildren I have never been able to resist the temptation to take home that “special sea shell”)

The Best Beaches

Spending a day at one of the four beaches is not an expensive outing. There are lots of free or low priced parking spots at all of the beach locations on Manasota Key.

Effort has also been made to accommodate picnickers with covered eating areas and there are free showers.

Because of the numerous beach locations we often try to choose a different location each time we go to the beach. Venice beach is so close we also frequent that area as well.

Humans are not the only ones who enjoy the best Florida beach. At certain times of the year (May to October), sea turtles visit areas of the beach to lay their eggs. There are plenty of pelicans and other sea birds too. And, if you are especially lucky you might even see the elusive manatee.

pelican trio
Pelican Trio Overhead

Although there are lots of beach vacation rentals to choose from, or condos and cottages for sale, we have chosen to live a few minutes from the beach. But wherever you rent or buy your vacation accommodations, in Englewood you are always close to the beach.

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