Florida Waterfront Restaurants:

Florida waterfront restaurants, Lock-n-Key being one, abound along the beaches and shorelines up and down the Gulf Coast of the Sunshine State, and this one on Englewood Beach is a restaurant that is almost an institution. The Lock-N-Key, situated at 2045 Beach Road, first opened for business more than four decades ago in 1964.

The Lock-N-Key is more than just a waterfront restaurant featuring good food and a friendly atmosphere. For us another main attraction of this restaurant is its proximity to the sandy shores of the Gulf Coast.

sunset ocean

Because it faces westward, if you time your dinner reservations just right, you can enjoy a spectacular Florida sunset every time you dine out at this Englewood restaurant.

Because of its great location we can spend the day at Englewood Beach and after spending a few hours soaking up the sun and swimming in the warm gulf water we can walk across the road and enjoy a great meal at the beach bar and patio while waiting for an awesome sunset to provide a stunning end to our day. On other occasions we arrive an hour or so before we want to have dinner and go for a walk along the beach enjoying the warm gulf breezes and, of course, help Judy carry her seashells that she so loves to collect for the grandchildren.

Seafood is the order of the day at the Lock-n-Key, but there is more to this restaurant than seafood entrees. Essentially, it offers sports bar fare from chicken to steaks and everything in between. And, after you have eaten your main course, if you have room, the desserts are legendary.

If you are dining and the sunset is not a priority, or if there are several hours before the sunset, you can always catch the latest sporting events on one of the many television sets that are strategically located throughout the restaurant.

You also have a choice of seating situations. There is a beach bar that faces the road where a clear view of the street activities, beach area and of course the evening sky show can be enjoyed. Or you can sit at tables in an open patio or you can dine at patio-style seating that is actually under the building’s roof, and partake of the same views as the bar. But if you just want to focus on your dinner companions and the dinner fare then you have the choice of being seated inside. All choices are good ones.

Whether it is your first time or you are a regular, you always feel welcome at the Lock-n-Key. It is loud, but friendly. If you are looking for a quiet dinner, this is not the place.

And, I almost forget to tell you that live entertainment featuring everything from solo performers to groups are yours to enjoy most evenings.

Time passes quickly when you are chatting with new found acquaintances, sneaking a quick glimpse at the golf tournament on the television, enjoying musical entertainment and trying to eat your dinner at the same time.

A dinner for two and a couple of drinks can cost less than $50.00.

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At the Lock-n-Key, time flies quickly. The food is tasty and most of all the sunsets are awesome!

The odds are pretty good that if you visit Florida waterfront restaurants, Lock-n-Key once, you will be hooked and you will return again and again!

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