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Florida waterfront restaurants abound up and down the Gulf Coast. For years we drove by a little restaurant nestled along the water near Englewood’’s four great beaches, but then one day, we decided to spend an evening dining out at Howards Restaurant.

Every time we drove by Howards Restaurant the parking lot always seemed to be too full. We always said that we would come another day, when there were not so many cars in the lot. But, unlike a lot of vacation restaurants in Florida, the line-ups did not seem to diminish much after the snowbirds took flight back to the northern states and Canada. This should have been our first clue that there was something special about this restaurant. But finally we decided to brave the line-up and give Howards a try.

Surprise! When we entered Howards there was no line-up to be found. Instead, we were quickly whisked away to be seated in one of the dining areas. I should note that from the outside Howards Restaurant looks to be extremely small. But, when you go inside you are surprised by the spaciousness of the restaurant. An added bonus is the presence of a covered patio dining area. And, the eating area overlooked a little canal.

Judy could not resist asking to be seated in the patio area. After all what good is a Florida waterfront restaurant if you don’t take advanatage of the water view.

But on September 26, 2014 all of this changed!

Howards moved to a new location.

The new location is much larger than the former restaurant. But despite having more seating, there are line-ups. The food is just as great as it always was and the prices are very reasonable.


Once we were seated the waitress told us about the specials and invited us to visit the salad bar.

Be wary of the salad bar!

There is a nice selection of fresh and tasty items, but we had to be careful how much we sampled from the salad bar for fear we would not be able to finish our main course.

The menu consisted of a broad range of entrees at reasonable prices.

We both selected different seafood entrees. They were delicious. Everything on the plate tasted fresh.

Judy and I spent a delightful evening at the new restaurant location.

Howards Restaurant offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages at reasonable prices.

This is a great restaurant for an evening just for the two of you or a venue that will delight the entire family.

The food, the ambience, the great prices, and the attentive and friendly staff make this restaurant a delightful place to spend an evening.

Fine Florida waterfront restaurants and dining at reasonable prices is the order of the day at Howards Restaurant.

Vacation restaurants in Florida like Howards, is another reason why you’ll Enjoy Englewood Florida!

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