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Barnacle Bills

Unfortunately one of our Florida Vacation Restaurants – Barnacle Bills has closed. But never fear, there are still many great Englewood restaurants serving a wide variety of great dishes to satisfy your dining desires! We are leaving this page up to remind everyone about Barnacle Bill’s role in Englewood’s dining history.

Florida vacation restaurants are plentiful in the Englewood area. Barnacle Bills, one of the seafood restaurants Florida is famous for, is located on Placida Road and San Casa Drive.

restaurant barnaclebills

Over the years Barnacle Bills has changed locations a couple of times, but regulars will tell you that the quality of the menu has never wavered.

As you approach Barnacle Bills from either direction on Placida Road, there is no mistaking that this restaurant offers a menu laden with a wide variety of seafood entries. From the ever-popular grouper sandwiches to seafood platters, Barnacle Bills is a vacation restaurant that is all about seafood.

I should mention that Barnacle Bills offers an immensely popular and massive 3/4-pound burger. But, we went for the seafood!

Entering the parking lot we immediately took note of the old boat positioned prominently in front of the building. But, if that was not enough nautical memorabilia for your taste, just wait until you enter the restaurant!

restaurant barnaclebills2

Inside of this Florida vacation restaurant, the walls, ceiling, and tables resound with splashes of the seafaring way of life. From tacky to tasteful, the nautical motif dominates the room. Now this has its good and bad points.

On the good side, if you don’t make reservations and you have to wait for a table there is plenty of things to look at and absorb the attention of diners of all ages.

On the other hand, we arrived at a time when there were a few tables available. Not having to wait to be seated at a table meant that we had not had time to look at all of the nautical paraphernalia that adorns the entire area of the restaurant. So, once we sat down, we spent the next twenty minutes absorbing the surroundings rather than perusing the menu. This led to our waitress having to make several trips to our table to ask if we were ready to order.

When we did order, we both chose different seafood dishes from the menu. But, it was a difficult decision to narrow down what we were going to finally select. After giving our waitress our order we once again settled in to perusing the sights that make Barnacle Bills one of the very interesting vacation restaurants that can be found in the Englewood area.

When our orders arrived we were not disappointed. The food was hot, tasty and the portions were large enough to satisfy most appetites and leave you questioning whether there really was room for dessert.

Barnacle Bills is a family restaurant. The other dining guests ranged from large tables of friends and family to quiet two-somes like ourselves enjoying an evening away from the ordinary.

The menu featured a wide price range of entrees to tempt your palette. A nice dinner for two can be enjoyed for less than $40.00.

We have driven by Barnacle Bills and the parking lot is always busy. So, it might be wise to call ahead for reservations.

Dining at Barnacle Bills was an experience neither of us will forget anytime soon. In fact, if you are looking for unique Florida vacation restaurants dining experience we would highly recommend a visit to Barnacle Bills. The nautical ambiance is almost worth the visit itself. It is verified as a good place to dine by their slogan: Where the locals eat..!

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