Florida Retirement
Golf Community

Florida Retirement Golf Community

Florida Retirement Golf Community

A Florida retirement golf community is one of the many accommodation options for those exploring the various types of communities to be found in Englewood Florida.

Englewood Golf Package

Many of our friends have taken a golf vacation in Florida at one time or another. A golf package is a good way to discover the many different golfing venues that are available in the Sunshine State.

We often suggest this area as a golfing vacation. But, then, we are slightly prejudiced towards this area.

After exploring the many Florida golf destinations, many avid golfers decide on a specific resort or community to visit on a regular basis. At first they may rent their accommodations, but sooner or later, many will purchase a home in a golf community. This makes determining your retirement destination an easy decision.

There are many great golf retirement communities to choose from in the Englewood vicinity.

With the close proximity to gulf coast beaches combined with a home base that is oriented to a golf course, a golf retirement community in this area is perfect for most families.

After all, when the grandchildren come to visit, although they think that it is great that Nana and Grandpa play golf just about daily, they want to go to the beach.

walking stump pass beach

Walking To Stump Pass Beach

Benefits of living in a Florida Golf Retirement Community

  • Florida is known as the Sunshine State, so it goes without saying that retiring to Englewood means that most days of the year are going to have some sun.
  • Residency in such a community often denotes some aspect of exclusivity. The golf course is not always crowded and tee times are easier to get. (We all know how busy golf courses can be during the peak season).
  • Usually, because of the reduced traffic on the golf course, the physical shape of the golf course is maintained to a higher level than a golf course that is open to more golfers.
  • Because your residence will be likely located on, or close to the golf course, distance and traffic are not a problem. In fact, in some golf communities you can buy or rent an electric golf cart not only for use on the golf course but to get you to the first tee from home.

Whether you decide to live in a Florida retirement golf community or another location in the Englewood area, the proximity of great golf courses, beaches and other amenities are reasons why we Enjoy Englewood Florida.

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