Favorite Florida Restaurant
Mango Bistro/Zigamazoo

mango bistro2

One of our favorite Florida restaurants is along Dearborn Street, a street we love to walk in Olde Englewood Village. On several occasions we were asked if we had eaten at a little bistro called Mango.

Although this brightly colored funky-looking shop had an intriguing design, for one reason or another we never found ourselves in that area at lunchtime, until one fateful day.

It was lunchtime as we made our way along Dearborn Street and Judy said “Let’s try Mango Bistro!” So in we went.

We sat in a dining area on the veranda of the building. The young waitress told us about the daily specials. But, we were virtually ignoring her, because the menu was laden with too many unique entrees to ignore. Best of all, everything was very moderately priced.

After we ordered, we sat and enjoyed the décor which would best be described as funky Florida Keys meets the Village. In other words, we loved it! It could easily be at the top of our list for favorite Florida restaurants.

Before long, our lunch arrived and it was delicious!

curried tuna Mango bistro
Curried Tuna On Rye, Yum!
wrap Mango bistro

After lunch, we headed into the main part of the restaurant and what a surprise!

It was here that we discovered that we had not been dining at Zigamazoo. No, we had been enjoying the culinary delights of the Mango Bistro!

Zigamazoo was really a funky little shop that was part of the Mango Bistro, or, perhaps, Mango Bistro was part of Zigamazoo. It really does not matter. Because the food was excellent and the Zigamazoo part of our experience was also great!

Favorite Florida Restaurant – Another Reason!

What was so special about Zigamazoo, you may ask. Well, it is a retail outlet for many unique items, but for the most part it is a place where you can see and purchase incredibly unique pareos (also known as sarongs) and beautiful designer scarves. This discovery only enhanced our experience of this favorite Florida restaurant. Now these are not items created by just anyone. No, they are creations of internationally known fashion designer Marie Laforge.

Zigamazoo’s website describes Laforge’s creations as “wearable works of art combining influences from the colorful beaches of Brazil and the Caribbean and the notorious French sense of style.” The results are a whole new line of luxurious pareos (sarongs) and silk scarves.

mango bistro collage ofart
Marie LaForges’ Intriguing Art Work

If you are lucky, you might get a chance to meet Marie as she is the owner of Zigamazoo/Mango Bistro.

Imagine that, an international fashion celebrity right in the heart of Olde Englewood Village! You never know, it might be Marie that brings your iced tea to your table.

mango bistro
Mango Bistro at Christmas, with snowflakes too.

But, Zigamazoo/Mango Bistro is more than an eatery/fashion sales outlet. It is rapidly becoming a vibrant part of the Olde Englewood Village community. Marie and her partner Ricardo, host many special events such as live music and trivia nights.

On your next trip to Olde Englewood Village drop in to Mango Bistro and tell Marie and Ricardo that Judy and Paul from enjoy-englewood-florida.com say “HELLO”!

Mango Bistro/Zigamazoo a favorite Florida restaurant, is just another reason why we Enjoy Englewood Florida.

If you have dined at any of these or other Englewood restaurants, we invite you to share your experience, pictures and to add your comments just follow this link and scroll down the page until you reach the form, it’s easy.

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