Favorite Florida Restaurants Compadres Mexican Restaurant

One of our favorite Florida restaurants: Compadres Mexican Restaurant, is located in Olde Englewood Village.

We enjoy spending time walking along Dearborn Street enjoying not only the Florida sunshine, but also the many unique shops that inhabit this funky little section of our favorite Florida destination.

After walking and driving by Compadres on many occasions, we decided to give it a try.

What a delight!

Both of us love Mexican food, so going out for dinner at a restaurant featuring one of our favorite food types was not a difficult decision.


The Ambiance

When we arrived at Compadres Mexican Restaurant, at first, we thought that we would enjoy dining on the patio, after all it was a warm evening with a gentle breeze wafting through the palm trees. But, as we were waiting to be seated, the décor and music of the dining room swept us away and we asked to be seated at a booth inside the restaurant.

The dining room’s décor was not expensive-looking; no it consisted of lots of bright colors and just the perfect amout of interesting trinkets to catch your eye. This combined with the Mexican music playing in the background made the ambiance just right!

The Food

The items on the menu are diverse, intriguing and for the most part, moderately priced. On our first visit, I tried the shrimp quesadillas and they were spectacular. Sometimes, when I order a shrimp dish, the shrimp are tiny and are limited in number. This was not the case at Compadres Mexican Restaurant. No, the shrimp were large and numerous. But, most importantly, they were delicious!

Judy enjoyed a dish featuring steak “Mexican style” and could not stop raving about it throughout the meal. Both of our selections and most choices on the menu I would imagine, include very tasty refried beans.

The dessert part of the meal was just as outstanding as the main course. Judy and I delighted our taste buds with a large order of Fried Ice Cream. One of our favorite Florida restaurants, Compadres Mexican Restaurant serves a wide range of alcohol products to go with your meal. Judy thought the Margarita’s were delicious!

The Staff

The staff at Compadres are great. But there could be a little problem. Some of the staff members don’t speak or understand English very well. Although this adds to the Mexican authenticity of the restaurant, be patient when you are ordering or asking questions. However, their friendly attitude makes this a miniscule problem.

The restaurant could be considered a family restaurant, but it is also great venue for an adults-only evening on the town. While we enjoyed our evening at Compadres we noted many couples of all age ranges enjoying a night out. But, at the same time there were also several groups that seemed to be families sometimes consisting of two or three generations.

One of our favorite Florida restaurants: Compadres Mexican Restaurant is one of those vacation restaurants in Florida that you just have to try whether you like Mexican food or not. It is a night out that you will not soon forget.

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