How Did We Get Here So Fast!

Yes, that’s what your passengers will exclaim when you arrive at your destination in “sun-sational” Florida!

Fastest driving route to Florida is the best way to start your summer Florida vacation or winter interlude from the northern winter weather.

You don’t want to spend any more time driving on the highways than is necessary to get to your desired endpoint, especially Englewood Beach Florida. You just want to get there fast.

The Fastest Driving Route to Florida

We have been asked so many times about the best route to to Florida. My wife and I have explored the major north-south roads for many years while driving to Florida.

We made notes about the time it takes to travel between points, what attractions there are along the way that might be of interest and a must; locations of hotels, gas stations, restaurants, rest areas.

fastest drive to florida
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As a result of so many requests and our own experience, we decided to put the two together and create a travel aid that would help travelers get to the sunshine state faster and therefore cheaper.

It is about 4 hours faster than straight down I-75, the next quickest route to drive to Florida. Of course where you live will be a big determining factor. This difference in travel time is based upon comparisons between Detroit, Michigan, Buffalo and for that matter, anywhere in upstate New York and Ohio, as the northern starting points. Not forgetting our Canadian travelers in the province of Ontario.

We titled this travel guide Fastest Driving Route to Florida of course. We have included a plethora of useful information to make the trip as fast and pleasant as possible. After all, Englewood Beach Florida is beckoning!

Our Travel Guide

The box below is an example of how some of the facts are presented in the book to highlight what is important or interesting.

Beginning Note

These days economy travel is an important consideration, four hours less time spent on the road means not only less gasoline costs, but also more time to spend at your favorite destination.

So The Faster You Can Arrive At Your Destination, The Better!

You have an image in your mind of palm trees, the beacon of good weather. You imagine the sound of waves rolling onto the beautiful sandy shores beckoning to be experienced. Visiting your favorite restaurants with their superb service and tasty menus crosses your mind many times as you wend your way southward. So the faster you can arrive at your destination, the better.

Why Drive to Florida?

fastest drive

Maybe you have only a short vacation time. You do not want to be sitting in your vehicle for more of your vacation time than is necessary. You are anxious to get there and shaving off a few hours from the drive would help immensely.

You may have children with you who, over the course of many long hours sitting in the back seat, can become quite tired and perhaps even petulant.

Of course that is understandable, it is difficult enough for adults to sit happily for several hours confined in a car. No matter how you cut it, the trip is more than a short jaunt from the northeastern states or Canada.

You want the convenience of having your own transportation when you arrive, and that is why you are not flying to Florida. If you fly to your destination you will need to rent a vehicle and perhaps you want to avoid that extra expense. Or if you are like us, you just prefer to use your own vehicle; it is more comfortable and familiar.

If Florida is your winter home you probably have friends that are waiting to continue your seasonal camaraderie and catch-up on what’s new.


Or maybe the hours sitting in a vehicle does not agree with you as it once did. Therefore you want to reduce the number of hours spent on the road for this reason.

There are many reasons why travellers want to get to their warm and sunny destination as fast as possible.

Amenities Along the Route

Along the fastest driving route to Florida are many well-spaced rest areas. They offer clean rest rooms, often attended by full time cleaning staff. Most rest areas provide grassy areas with lovely gardens, where you can stretch your legs or walk your pet. Vending machines are also available to purchase refreshments.

Rest areas are well signed on the highways with mileage so you can plan your stops along the way. Entrances and exits to the rest areas are easy to manage, allowing you to safely get on and off the Interstates easily and efficiently. There is plenty of parking for cars, vans, SUV’s and usually a separate parking area for trucks and RV’s.


Fastest driving route to Florida is also the most varied drive to Florida, because it follows several different Interstate highways to reach Englewood.

Of course not everyone wants to take the fastest driving route to Florida.

After racing down a few times, you may have decided it’s time to see what there is to see along the route.

Is there a sports team, or simply a sporting event you would love to watch? But you have ignored stopping because you did not want to take the time while you traveled to Florida, perhaps now it is time to stop and enjoy the event.

This fast and cheap route drives right through NASCAR country too.

There are beautiful parks along the fastest driving route to Florida. Many of these parks offer camping, hiking, canoeing, fishing or a myriad of other activities of your choice to enjoy.

Museums exhibiting an array of past regional events and lifestyles are abundant. Science and transportation Museums dot the roadsides.

road flowers

An abundance of shopping venues can be discovered and enjoyed.

There are Art Galleries and Art Centers for all tastes.

Zoos housing a wide assortment of animals and birds can also be found.

The scenery all along this trek is breath taking. If photography is your specialty you will not lack for beautiful and interesting things to snap.

You Will Never Be bored!

What follows best sums up our feelings about the,

Fastest Driving Route To Florida:

  • You will NEVER be bored!
  • Forests, wetlands and mountains,
  • Big cities and small towns, and,
  • A wide variety of historic sites and sporting venues to tempt you.
  • But if you stick to the route, you will get to the sunny and warm state of Florida
  • Faster than any other north-south driving route.
  • It is the fastest and most varied route to Florida.
  • Your passengers will never ask
  • Instead, your arrival in Florida, after enjoying the varied scenery and great roads will induce your passengers to say,


You may be asking yourself why so much talk is deemed necessary for a drive along a roadway.

We want you to be informed about what Fastest Driving Route To Florida is offering you for your trip. Whether you use it to travel as quickly and economically to your southern terminus or for trips when you decide to take a more meandering journey and stop to “smell the coffee” so to speak, this travel aid will assist you to get the most from your travels.

Jackson did you know box

As well as comprehensive directions, the Fastest Driving Route to Florida illustrates the many historic sites and sporting venues along the way.

All the attention-grabbing sites described above are listed in this travel guide with their locations marked along the route. You will never be bored.

Take action!

It will be an invaluable help to you in your journey. It is informative and entertaining too. You will be glad to have our travel guide with you to make your trip smoother and more enjoyable.

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