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Sports and Recreation opportunities abound in the Englewood area.

First of all, Englewood is located on the Gulf Coast of south-west Florida. Consequently, water sports and other related activities are very popular.

Family fishing
Family fishing Opportunities

Besides, kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, boating, etc. the opportunities to enjoy the sport of fishing are almost limitless. You can find fishermen casting their lines into the water at various locations along the beachfronts of Manasota Key. It almost seems that wherever there is a bridge across a waterway you will find people fishing. And, of course, there are numerous opportunities to fish from a boat, either on a deep-sea charter or a private craft.

Football is a passion with many Floridians. There are numerous great college football teams to watch and during the Bowl season there is almost always several nationally prominent Bowl games to watch. If you enjoy the NFL, Florida is the place to be. From the Jaguars in Jacksonville, to Bucs in Tampa and the Dolphins in Miami football fans have a lot of exciting football to cheer on.

But wait, there is another outstanding form of football to be found in this area, check out the local newspapers to discover when the local high school’s football team is playing. This form of football is thrilling, fast-paced and the players are eager to perform. After all, they never know when a college scout is watching!

Golf Courses for Duffers
Golf Courses for Duffers to Low-Handycappers

Florida’s year-round sunny and warm weather also is conducive to the sport of golf. And in Englewood there are many golf courses to test your game. You will find golf courses to suit every skill level, from duffer to low-handicapper.

You can also watch the very best golfers in action as there are many PGA, LPGA, Champions Tour and other golf organization sponsored tournaments held throughout the State of Florida.

Miniature Golf
Miniature Golf too!

Just because Florida’s weather could best be described as a “perennial state of summer”, this does not mean that winter sports have been ignored. There are three professional hockey teams to provide great entertainment. And, surprise, you can also find ice rinks where you can enjoy pleasure skating!

Nothing can be written about sports and recreation in Florida without something being said about baseball. Florida is the historic home of Major League Baseball’s spring training camps (in the past few decades, the southwestern United States has also developed as a spring training destination).

When the major league teams head back north, Florida still hosts a great deal of baseball action. Of course there are the state’s two major league teams, the Rays and the Marlins. But there are many other teams representing minor league operations which provide great baseball entertainment the rest of the year.

Because of Florida’s sports-friendly weather there are many other sports and sporting events to be enjoyed in the Englewood area. Just another reason why we enjoy Englewood Florida!

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