Englewood Library

The Englewood Library offers many great services to both permanent residents and visitors alike. It is certainly a place that Judy and I enjoy visiting.

There are lots of things to do when you retire to Florida or simply take a vacation to the Sunshine State. The Englewood area is certainly not an exception to this rule.

Englewood Charlotte Public Library

Englewood Charlotte Public Library

You can sign up for a Florida golf package, take a fishing charter or enjoy one of the four fine Florida beaches located in the Englewood area. On a rainy day, (there does not seem to be many of them, thank goodness!), or just for a change of pace, let me suggest another venue that might be of interest to you.

The Englewood Library (the official name is the Englewood Charlotte Public Library) is a great place to spend some time. There is always lots to do when you visit a library. I like libraries. But, then, I am a writer of books and magazine articles, so I am probably a little prejudiced.

Okay, so it is a given that you are going to find lots of books at the Englewood library. But, there are other services to be had as well.

Sometimes before I get our Internet hooked up, I make use of the library’s free Internet hook-up to keep up on our emails. I have also used this service to do research for a project that I have been working on. We know many people who don’t even bother to bring their laptop when they come to Englewood, instead, they make a couple of trips a week to the Library to keep up with their e-mails.

There are several computer stations and the library has wireless (WIFI) capability. So you can bring your laptop and use this service free.

Some people that we know use the Library when their grandchildren are coming for a visit. Just before the youngster arrive, they visit the Library’s children’s section and pick up books and DVDS to amuse the kids.

You can purchase a library membership for an annual fee of $10.00 and if you own property in the County your membership is free.

The Englewood Charlotte Public Library is located at 3450 S. McCall Rd. If you have questions or simply want to find out their hours of operations you can call the Library at 914-474-1881.

Libraries are still about books. So why not drop into the Englewood Charlotte Public Library and pick a book to read. Isn’t there something special about sitting under a palm tree and reading a book? Don’t you just enjoy Englewood Florida?

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