Englewood Hospital
and Medical Facilities

The Englewood Hospital and other medical facilities in the area are exceptional. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending upon the perspective of the moment, our family has had direct experience with the available medical facilities in the area.

Englewood has a hospital that provides good service and care. If that medical institution cannot provide the necessary services, there are several hospitals in nearby larger centers that can provide more specialized medical attention. Fortunately these medical facilities are only a short drive away.

We had always heard good reports about that medical facility. However, like everything else in life, personal experience is the best guide and our family has had first-hand exposure to the doctors at the hospital in Englewood.

This circumstance occurred when my mother-in-law encountered an extreme medical situation while living in Englewood. The staff at the hospital was outstanding and when she needed more specialized care, a Sarasota Hospital was only a few minutes away.

For less dramatic medical situations there are clinics and doctors’ offices to serve your needs.

There are also a wide range of eye doctors and dentists in the Englewood area.

If you need medication or prescriptions filled, the Englewood area has several pharmaceutical venues. These include specialized drug stores and pharmaceutical departments in major department and grocery stores.

To decide which doctor, dentist or pharmacy best suits your medical needs I suggest that you ask your friends and neighbors about their preferences. But in the end your own experience will provide the best answer.

We hope your only personal experience with the Englewood Hospital is just to provide comfort in knowing that it is there.

But, a note to out of country visitors make sure that you have the necessary medical insurance coverage, not just before you visit a doctor or a hospital, but before you leave home!

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