Englewood Florida Weather in May:
Summer Weather is Heating Up!

living on intercoastal waterways

Intercoastal waterway between Manasota Key and Englewood.

Englewood Florida weather in May sends a strong signal that the summer weather is on its way. Gulf Coast weather will see the temperatures really starting to heat up! The average high temperature is a sizzling 87 F. But, that is just a hint that higher temperatures are still to come.

Like April, May is fairly dry in terms of rainfall in the Englewood area of southwest Florida.

There is usually little need for a sweater, let alone a windbreaker, at this time of year. No, we are quite happy with shorts, swim suits, and lots of sun screen!

Early morning walks or bicycle rides can usually be taken while wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts. The same is true for late afternoon and early evening sojourns.

Although we have played golf at most times of the day, some days, we prefer to get in an early morning or late afternoon tee time. Always take along some bottles of water to keep cool and hydrated at this time of year.

The mid-day temperatures are a little much for the golf course, but the Englewood Florida weather in May is awesome at any of the four Englewood beaches. It does not take any coaxing for me to grab a book and head to the beach on an afternoon in May!

Some warm days the cool waters of the intercoastal waterway are equally beckoning. I enjoy standing on the Beach Road bridge and watching he various watercraft plying their way to and from the Gulf. Judy is adamant that we have to learn how to sea kayak so we can paddle with the dolphins and manatees that call this area home.

Some warm days in May we like to choose a beach and then just go for a long walk along the shoreline. We stop occasionally to pick up a unique seashell, or perhaps if we are lucky one of those elusive sharks’ teeth that it seems everyone is looking for. I like walking the sandy Gulf Coast shores so much that I have often thought about purchasing some beachcomber tools just to see what I can find.

Although we love to walk along the beaches most any time of the day, a walk along the beach just before sunset is an especially nice way to end the day.

The air conditioning runs all day and we try not to use it at night.

Patio dinners at local restaurants are a great way to spend the evening. And, if they offer a view of a fabulous Gulf Coast sunset, so much the better as we Enjoy Englewood Florida!

Englewood Florida Weather in May Statistics, According to the Weather Channel:

  • Average High Temperature in Englewood is 87 F
  • Average Low Temperature in Englewood is 67 F
  • Average Rainfall is 2.20” inches

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