Englewood Florida Weather in June:
The Heat is Here!

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Wow! Englewood weather can get really hot in June! We prefer to play golf in the early morning or late afternoon and devote the mid-day to the beach.

However, I do have to admit that we have on occasion played a round of golf just after lunch. And, I don’’t know if it was just the joy of being in sunny Englewood, or what. We still enjoyed our round of golf despite the heat. Mind you, we did partake in a few cold beverages during the round and then, headed straight to the beach.

Another of our favorite pastimes in June is to wander through Old Englewood on Dearborn Street browsing through the very interesting shops and then stopping for lunch or just a cold glass of ice tea at one of the great little cafes that one finds in this unique part of Englewood.

And, no matter how hot it gets, you can always find cool refreshments and food at one of the good restaurants that can be found in Englewood. We especially like to spend time before sunset at one of our favorite waterfront restaurants enjoying good food, cool drinks and a fabulous sunset before heading for home.

There also seems to be more thunderstorms during June (after all it is hurricane season). But, it seems that ten minutes after the storm leaves it is hard to find evidence of rain anywhere.

One year, it rained just about every day at 5:20 (we could set our watches by it, almost). But by 5:45 the once water-filled culvert in front of our place was dry. You would never have guessed that the rain had been pouring in amounts that seemed almost incomprehensible from the skies only a few minutes earlier.

The skies can be very interesting at this time of year. The blazing sun on an almost cloudless blue sky makes a day at the beach a truly awesome experience. Judy and I can never get over the beauty of the sun and the beautiful blue sky, along with the warm sandy beaches and the rich blue hues of the water on the Gulf Coast. But don’’t forget the sunscreen. And then there is the interesting view of the sky before a storm strikes. We took this photo just a few minutes before a downpour on the bridge to Manasota Beach.

photo from bridge

From bridge to Manasota Beach

But what is a little rain, the weather in June still makes it easy to Enjoy Englewood Florida!

Englewood Florida Weather in June Statistics, According to the Weather Channel:

  • Average High Temperature in Englewood is 90 F
  • Average Low Temperature in Englewood is 72 F
  • Average Rainfall is 6.72” inches

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