Englewood Florida Weather in February:
A Valentine’s Date on an Englewood Golf Course

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Sunny February Englewood Florida

Englewood Florida weather in February is nice enough to enjoy a Valentine’s date on an Englewood Golf Course. That works for me! But before you think that I am being selfish wanting to play golf on Valentines Day, let me tell you Judy loves to play golf on an Englewood golf course on Valentines Day. I do not know anyone who enjoys Gulf Coast weather more than my wife.

February temperatures in the Gulf Coast region of Florida are very comfortable. The average high February temperature in Englewood is 74 F and this time of year is a relatively dry in terms of rainfall with only a monthly average precipitation of 2.16 inches”.

A windbreaker or warm sweater is still necessary for an early morning or late afternoon bicycle ride or walk. The weather is great for a Valentines Day picnic lunch at the beach. For a Valentines’ dinner date, or any other night of the month, check out one of the many restaurants that offer a romantic, but early sunset. Remember the sun sets before the dinner hour at this time of year.

Englewood Florida Weather in February is a warmer month than January. Okay, so it is only one degree warmer both in average high and low temperatures for the month. But, how much warmer is it in Toronto or New York? Hmm, something to ponder while you shovel some snow and we Enjoy Englewood Florida!

Englewood February Weather Statistics, According to the Weather Channel:

  • Average High Temperature in Englewood is 74 F
  • Average Low Temperature in Englewood is 53 F
  • Average Rainfall is 2.16”

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