Englewood Florida Weather in August:
Can be Stormy!

flstor my sunset

Storm looming on the Gulf Coast

Englewood Florida weather in August can be very unpredictable. This is one of those months when you should keep an eye to the sky and watch for foreboding clouds. It is still hurricane season, so always be aware of the weather forecasts before venturing too far out in your boat or even heading to the beach or the golf course. Plan your nature hikes and other summer adventures according to the weather.

Even if you are hanging around the house, don’t forget your weather radio. This little device can save you a lot of trouble and help you protect your property, and more importantly your loved ones.

But August is not all gloom and doom. No way! You can still enjoy walks in the evening, a patio dinner at one of the many fine Englewood restaurants, or just sitting and watching a fantastic Gulf Coast sunset are great ways to conclude an August day in Englewood Florida.

We try to plan our activities around the weather because there just so much to do in our favorite part of the Sunshine State. We enjoy early morning strolls and try to get this enjoyable form of exercise every day if possible. Because the weather can be downright steamy we often plan to be either at the beach or somewhere air-conditioned during the mid-day. This is often the time when we do our household chores, or simply read in the comfort of our air-conditioned residence.

I may be making it sound like it is terrible weather in August, but the reality for Judy and I is that any month in Englewood is a great month! After all, we really do Enjoy Englewood Florida!

Englewood Florida Weather in August Statistics, According to the Weather Channel:

  • Average High Temperature in Englewood is 91 F
  • Average Low Temperature in Englewood is 74 F
  • Average Rainfall is 8.12” inches

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