Disney World
An Englewood Day Trip

Disney World is a favorite Orlando family vacation destination for many visitors to Florida. For us, and anyone living or visiting in the Englewood area a trip to Disney is an easily accessible day trip.

Florida Disney vacation

A Florida Disney vacation is one of the many day trips that one can easily enjoy from Englewood. It is about a two to three hour drive.

If you would like to take a trip to Disney while you are in the Englewood area it is very easy to get there. Just jump on to I-75 and head north and make the trip across I-4 to the Orlando area. Follow the signs (there are lots of billboards and exit signs) to help you find your way. And, if you are driving to Englewood and would like to stop at Disney on your way please see I-95 to Englewood Florida or The Fastest Driving Route to Florida.

One of my favorite things to do, other than the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, is to eat breakfast at the Character Café.

The buffet offers such a wide variety of tasty and healthy treats that you really have to eat there several times in order to sample everything on the menu. While the food is great, it is always fun to watch the reaction of youngsters the first time a Disney character walks near their table. After all, that is what the character dining experience is all about, the opportunity to meet many of the great Disney characters.

To ensure a table, and avoid disappointment, it is probably best to make reservations in advance. You can go to Disney’s website for further information.

But, whatever time we arrive at Disney World, unless we are going directly to Epcot, our first stop is my favorite ride, The Pirates of the Caribbean. (Sorry, no pic yet, just too excited about the ride I guess.)

Disney World

There is something very special about sitting on a ride that simulates a boat ride through pirate-infested waters. Perhaps it is the sound of cannons being fired and pirates singing their songs.

But whatever the reason, I enjoy this ride so much I have been known to line up three times in one day for this great ride. And that was before any of the movies were made!

Another Disney World activity that we enjoy is a trip to Liberty Square and the Hall of the Presidents. Perhaps because I am an historian, this tribute to all the Presidents of the United States is very interesting to me. The image of all the Presidents listening to President Lincoln speak is captivating. Although I am sure that a lot of younger children, and perhaps a few teenagers, are not so interested in this feature, it is important to expose them to this unique method of bringing history alive.

disney juggler

One ride that thrills everyone, is the Indy Speedway. I do not know of any youngster who does not enjoy participating in this fun Disney amusement ride. And it is a ride for all ages, I am never surprised when I see someone’s grandma jump behind the wheel of one of these miniature race cars and “roar” around the track.

Because of the height restriction, most of the younger grandchildren have to share a car with an adult or older sibling. But, once they are at least 52 inches tall, they can drive themselves.

Because I probably will never grow up when it comes to Disney World, it is convenient that Englewood is so close to my favorite Disney attractions. But many Disney fans have actually moved to or rented in the Orlando area to be close to all of the amusement attractions in and around that Central Florida city. I have attached some links to enable you to look at some Orlando condos. (More accomodation ideas.)

mickey minnie

I have to admit that it would be a shorter drive to visit Mickey and Minnie, but I would not want to give up Englewood or our Orlando family vacation excursions.

After all, that is one of the wonderful attractions of vacationing or retiring in Englewood Florida. It is close to many attractions like Disney World, but still far enough away from some things to make it a unique destination on the map to have a Florida vacation. You just have to Enjoy Englewood Florida!

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