Dining in Florida:
Farlow’s on the Water

Dining in Florida is most often a pleasant experience for local residents and tourists alike.

After all, a day in the sun on one of Englewood’s four fantastic beaches, or playing a round of golf on one of the great golf courses that can be found in and around Englewood can only get better when you dine out at some the best restaurants in Florida. Farlow’s on the Water is not only a waterfront restaurant, but it is also one of our favorite seafood restaurants in Florida.

Ironically we did not discover Farlow’s simply by seeing the restaurant and deciding to try it out. No, a few years ago we were walking on Blind Pass Beach one evening when we met a family from Michigan who were enjoying the warm evening breezes of the Gulf of Mexico while they were collecting seashells.

After a short introductory conversation, we discovered that this was their first visit to Englewood. They asked us many questions about things to do in the area. After talking about golfing at the various golf courses in the area and the great nature trails, the discussion turned to restaurants. And, surprise, we were the one’s who learned something about Englewood.

They told us about Farlow’s on the Water. We had been away for a few months and in the interim Farlow’s had moved into the site of a restaurant that our family had been very familiar with, so we were a bit surprised to hear about this new restaurant.

Everyone raves about Farlow’s as one of the best seafood restaurants in Florida. A quick look at their menu reveals a wide variety of seafood dishes. (Who ever heard of Lobster Macaroni before they visited Farlows?)

Farlows Waterfront Restaurant
Farlow’s Waterfront Restaurant

If there is drawback to this waterfront restaurant it is the wait times. The popularity of this restaurant means that people travel a great distance to experience dining in Florida, Farlow’s style, but that also means a huge demand on the seating capacity of the restaurant.

So, if you are planning a visit to Farlow’s on the Water don’t just bring your appetite, bring your patience. You will be glad that you did!

Dining in Florida is one of our favorite things to do and Farlow’s on the Water is just another reason why we Enjoy Englewood Florida.

If you have dined at any of these or other Englewood restaurants, we invite you to share your experience, pictures and to add your comments just follow this link and scroll down the page until you reach the form, it’s easy.

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