Cedar Point Environmental Park

Cedar Point Environmental Park is a great place to spend a day or just a few hours. Located at 2300 Placida Road, the park is easily accessible from anywhere in the Englewood area.

Cedar Point Environmental Park is not your usual Florida theme park. There are no wild rides, unless you count the play area, or any of the man-made attractions that you associate with a theme park. But it does have a theme, the preservation of the water and land around Lemon Bay. It also has a slogan “Take only Pictures and Leave only Footprints!”

Spanish Moss at Cedar Point

Spanish Moss

If you have visited any of the other pages of our site you will know that Judy and I are avid nature-lovers. So Cedar Point Environmental Park is high on our list of places to visit!

The park is one of the last undeveloped areas on Lemon Bay in Charlotte County. The county purchased this parcel of land in 1992. Three years later in 1995, Cedar Point Environmental Park opened to the public.

Guided tours immediately became the hallmark of the park. We know people who have taken these walking tours and they can’t stop talking about their experience. Judy’s Aunt has visited the park on several occasions. She enjoys the guided walking tours. Because the tour guides are well informed and provide a lot of great information.

A Poison Berry Plant

A Poison Berry Plant

The park and its volunteers take its role as a protector of the Lemon Bay eco-system very seriously. Eco-lectures, films and displays are offered to the public. Check out their website for a calendar of events at the park.

This is a great location to spot birds and other Florida aquatic wildlife.

The park is a great place to picnic and there is a nice picnic area near the water. There is also a picnic area nearer to the parking lot. There is a playground here. This is good place to let some of the younger children blow off some steam.

Florida Pine with a Vine

Florida Pine with a Vine

Birding is great anywhere in the park. There is a population of bald eagles. But, at certain times of the year, mid-autumn to spring, the trails near the nesting area are closed to the public.

The park is not only about animals, it is about the entire eco-system. Consequently, there are often projects and events surrounding saving the wetlands, planting trees, etc. When one thinks of Florida, palm trees usually come immediately to mind. But the forest life is far broader and diversified.

A walk along the trails reveals a wide range of tree species that are native to the Gulf Coast of Florida, such as this beautiful “woman’s-tongue-tree” in the picture below. (No, I’m not joking, that is its real name.) Some of the other species that you find may surprise you!

Woman's Tongue Tree

Woman’s Tongue Tree

The various wild flowers that dot the landscape of the park provide another great educational topic, or just more reason to bring a camera!

We highly recommend Cedar Point Environmental Park as a great place to spend an afternoon, or longer.

Whether you bring your children, grandchildren, friends or just come by yourself, it will be a very gratifying experience.

The park is always looking for volunteers who share the love of the environment and enjoy working to protect the natural beauty of the region. For information about volunteering or events at the park you can contact Cedar Point Environmental Park at: 941-475-0769.

And Remember…
“Take Only Pictures & Leave Only Footprints”
… So We Can All Continue To Enjoy Englewood Florida!

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