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A book review is perhaps the last thing that you would expect to find on a website dedicated to a vacation and retirement destination in Englewood Florida. There are many reasons why we have chosen to review books on line for you. One being it is very popular as you can see in the pictures on this page; vacationers in beach chairs basking in the sunshine with heads bent.

Reading & Relaxing Go
Together on the Beach

A compelling reason for myself personally is reading and also writing books are a passion of mine.

Heads down only
means one thing

Judy and I enjoy sitting on the warm sandy Englewood beaches relaxing. There is just something special about reading a book while the warm gulf breezes waft ashore and

sun shines on the glistening water and makes the sandy beaches seem to sparkle.

What kind of books do we read? For Judy it is usually a good historical novel or anything about travel and nature. I, on the other hand prefer non-fiction, either historical or biographical. I really enjoy books that have a sports theme. But, because my golf game seems to be always in need of repair. I also like to read books about improving my golf game.

Now back to our reason for a book review page, or pages.

As I mentioned earlier, I write books, usually with a historical or a sports theme. And, most likely it will be biographical in nature.

Also, because I love to read, I am always on the hunt for a good book. So, when I find one I will write a review to let you know about the book. Perhaps it will be about a topic that interests you.


and more reading
on the beach

The first book review that will appear on will be about a book that I have just recently written. The second will be a book about improving your golf game and as my golf buddies will tell you this is probably a book that I should read and re-read a few times. I am sure that it will not be long before Judy contributes a book about birding or travel.

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Judy and I have also put together a handy travel guide for those driving to Florida from the north eastern United States and Canadian provinces. It is titled the Fastest Driving Route to Florida packed with helpful travel tips and interesting places to see along the way.

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A great travel aid to hold while making the drive to the most visited vacation and retirement destination in North America.

We hope to post many book reviews to help you find the right book to enjoy while soaking up the sun on the Englewood beaches or anywhere for that matter.

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