Beach Road Tour

A Beach Road walking tour is a great way to explore Manasota Key’s fabulous four beaches.

Walking Stump Pass Beach
Walking Stump Pass Beach

We will begin at the intersection with Indiana Ave, also known as Rte 776. The “Golden Arches” are at this corner and serve as a signpost to help you find your way. Before you cross the bridge over beautiful Lemon Bay and the lift bridge, take some time to explore the shops and businesses located along the way.

Most importantly if you are a kayak enthusiast you can rent kayaks and other types of boats. The inter coastal waterway between Manasota Key and the mainland is a great place to explore by water.

(Can you find the Egret in the picture below?)

Lemon Bay from Manasota Key
Lemon Bay from Manasota Key

The last time we took this walk a group of fishermen, (probably commercial fishermen) were unloading their catch and throwing some of their fish to the birds that had congregated looking for a free lunch. The scene was chaotic as the birds jockeyed with each other for the best position to snap up some free food.

There was quite a gathering of two species of pelicans, egrets, and seagulls. It was interesting to observe the higherarchy that developed.

Fishermen & Waterfowl
Fishermen & Waterfowl

“Watch for the Manatees”


But, a word of caution, if you are using a motorized boat please watch out for manatees. These beautiful creatures swim close to the surface. Consequently, propeller blades have been known to cause them to suffer injuries and even death.
These gentle creatures deserve our respect and care.

Walking across the bridge, stop and take a moment to check out the boats that glide through the water under the bridge beneath your feet.

You will see vessels of all shapes and sizes from kayaks to massive luxury yachts. If you are a boating fan, you will enjoy watching and taking pictures of some truly unique and impressive boats.

Cruising Lemon Bay
Cruising Lemon Bay

At the same time, even non-bird watchers will enjoy the antics of the pelicans and other birds that perch on the bridge. You will be amazed to witness in the blink of an eye a bird diving at break-neck speed into the water to catch an unsuspecting fish as it swims by minding its own business.

Walking from the bridge, enjoy the beautiful flowers and trees that dot the landscape on the boulevard and the lawns of the beachside accommodations that stand on this narrow spit of land.

It is a lovely stroll on a warm day through this manicured shady sidewalk.

Beach Road Living
Beach Road Living

The beautiful Florida fauna is well showcased here. Your walking tour along beach road is an eclectic experience of scenery and this area adds to its diversity.

As you amble down toward the lower bridge get ready for a treat.

Beautiful Bottle nosed Dolphin
Sleek Bottle-nosed Dolphins

There waiting in the water to entertain you are dolphins. The dolphin in these pictures swam, wiggled, nodded his/her head and did just about anything he could to attract attention and keep it.

Bottle-nosed Dolphin
Bottle-nosed Dolphin Keeping Our Attention!

And, that he did!

Dolphin Loved To Pose For A Picture
Loved To Pose For A Picture

We were there for at least twenty minutes, I was snapping pictures as fast as I could.

Dolphin Picture
And Again And Again…

We had to wonder who was watching who!

Once you make it to the other side of the lower bridge you have reached Manasota Key.

At the intersection, which is really a traffic circle, stop and check out the interesting and unique metal figurine of a seashell which is the center piece for the traffic circle.

Englewood Beach Intersection Seashell
Englewood Beach Intersection Seashell

Beyond this unique fixture is the busiest of the four famous Englewood beaches, Englewood Beach.

At this point in your walk it is time to make a decision. The road turning to the right is N Beach Road, which a few miles down the road, just before Blind Pass Beach, becomes Manasota Key Road.

Beach Road North Known As Canopy Road
Beach Road North Known As Canopy Road
Called Canopy Road For A Reason
Called Canopy Road For A Reason

If you continue along this route several miles along Manasota Key you will reach Englewood’s most northerly beach, Manasota Beach. Here, if you wish to return to the mainland you can walk over Manasota Beach Road.

Welcome To Manasota Beach
Welcome To Manasota Beach

If, however, at the traffic circle you choose to travel to the left you will be on Gulf Blvd. which ultimately comes to the fourth of Englewoods fabulous beaches, Stump Pass Beach. This state park is a spectacular place to walk, swim, or just sit on the beach and read a book.

Encircling the traffic island you will find a variety of restaurants offering a great beach bar or tiki hut dining to enjoy lunch, dinner or just pass some time with a cold drink.

After walking down Englewood Beach it is time to make a decision. It is simply too far to walk to Blind Pass Beach (also known as Middle Beach) or further still to Manasota Beach. So, it’s either stop, get a bicycle, drive the car or save that walking tour for another day!

Or you may decide just to turn around and have a delightful time traversing Beach Road back to the starting point, as you Enjoy Englewood Florida!

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