Florida Golf Courses: Wildflower Golf Course

A Florida Golf Course UPDATE:

With a heavy heart I must tell you that this great Florida golf course no longer exists. The land was closed off and left vacant for a time.

Now it has become Wildflower Preserve under the umbrella organization Lemon Bay Conservancy. It is a wonderful reincarnation of the use of this land to restore it back to its original state. There are links at the bottom of the page for you to learn more.

But read on, there is still a great golf story that may stir some memories for you!

Another Florida golf expedition, this time we are heading to the Wildflower Golf Course. This was my father-in-law’s favorite golf course. Every Wednesday around noon hour, George and his two golfing buddies, Eddie and Ralph, would tee off for a round of golf. Now this was not the only day that these three would play, but Wednesday was their regular Florida golf date.

I had the pleasure of playing a few rounds with this duffer trio at the Wildflower Golf Course. Every time we went golfing at least one of them would warn me to watch out for the alligators. But after several rounds I had seen lots of wildlife on the golf course, but no gators. I chastised them one day as we were walking off the golf course.


I said, “Okay guys, where are the gators?” One of them said, “Turn around.” Sure enough, not ten feet away, two rather large gators were sunning themselves, with their mouths wide open. I never doubted them again!

Wildflower is not for the long hitter. No this Executive-length 18-hole Florida golf course demands short game precision, if you are going to score well. But, dad, Ralph and Eddie, never let precision golf get in the way of a good time!

All three would have their “Tiger Woods” moments, but these were usually few and far between. Instead the three Second World War veterans enjoyed a walk in the warm Florida sunshine, stopping only to play their next golf shot. At the end of each hole they would count up the score and Eddie would mark it down and then they would head to the next hole. They enjoyed golf the way we should all strive to play the game.

The Wildflower Golf Course is short. The layout demands precise shots to well cared for greens. There is lots of water, reeds and rough to gobble up your golf ball. And, of course there are beautiful palm trees to block shots to the green.

If you resist the temptation to force a shot, and instead control your length and play for “smart” next shots, you can score well.

If you play from the furthest tees, the Wildflower Golf Course stretches for 4,078 yards. No matter which tees you play, the par is 62. The golf course was built in 1972 and features Bermuda Grass on both the greens and the fairways.

Before or after your round of golf, there is a 15-tee driving range to work on your golfing skills.

There are many reasons why I like the Wildflower Golf Course.

  • This Florida golf course features a challenging layout and is well maintained.
  • The green fees are reasonable.
  • There are lots of palm trees that dot the landscape. (Judy loves palm trees!)
  • Although it is an Executive-length golf course, the design reminds you of a much longer golf course.
  • It is close to home and I can play a round of golf and still have lots of time for other activities during the same day.

(Tell them George, Eddie and Ralph sent you!)

The Wildflower Golf Course may no longer exist, but just reading my review and remembering the stories never cease to bring a smile to my face. A great memory of our family experiences in Englewood Florida.

Here are the links to what the golf course has become now:

Wildflower Preserve

Lemon Bay Conservancy

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