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January Weather

Englewood Florida weather in January is downright “frigid”. (Of course, I am just kidding!)

January is the coolest month of the year though. The average high temperature hovers around the 73 F. But to the tourists who flock here at this time of year, the Gulf Coast weather is a lot better than their usual place of residence, especially if they live in the northern United States and Canada.

If you want to go for an early morning or late afternoon walk or bicycle ride you will probably want to wear a windbreaker or a sweater. But you won’’t need a parka or snow boots. The temperature is comfortable. Especially on the golf course. You sure can’t tee it up back home in the North!

coastal evening yellowy

The nights are cooler, so you most likely won’’t need your air conditioner very often, if at all. Our family has been coming to Englewood since 1982 and only once in more than two decades did our Aunt turn on the furnace in her Englewood retirement home. However, my father-in-law and mother-in-law never turned their furnace on!

73 F! Wow! I am sure a lot of people who live in Detroit, Toronto and Chicago would “kill” for temperatures that were this warm at this time of the year! While they are shovelling snow in sub-freezing weather, residents and visitors to Englewood are “shovelling” the sand looking for that perfectly “unique” seashell.

After reading this maybe we will see you in Englewood next January.

Englewood weather in January, featuring fantastic Gulf Coast weather, what a way to Enjoy Englewood Florida!

Englewood Florida Weather in January Statistics, According to the Weather Channel:

  • Average High Temperature in Englewood is 73 F
  • Average Low Temperature in Englewood is 52
  • Average Rainfall is 2.68”

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